Fylde Coast Fireworks and Bonfires

Fylde Coast Fireworks and Bonfires

Remember, remember the Fifth of November… or whatever day your favourite Fylde Coast Fireworks and Bonfires are held!


All of the details for this years events are to be found on the individual place-specific websites – here are the headlines and links:


3.11.19 – Fireworks Night at Fleetwood Town (Highbury Stadium)

With family entertainment, live music, mascot challenge and more plus a superb fireworks display.

More info – Fireworks at FTFC on Visit Fleetwood


3.11.19 – Fireworks at St Annes Cricket Club

Huge firework event to celebrate Bonfire Night at St Annes Cricket Club – plus funfair and more.

More info – St Annes fireworks on Visit St Annes

Fylde Coast Fireworks and Bonfires – on 5 November

Plan carefully and you can enjoy Fylde Coast fireworks and bonfires on more than one night! Why don’t you make a weekend of it and go to a few events?

Here are the ones that are actually on 5 November:

5.11.19 – Bonfire & Fireworks at Blackpool Cricket Club

Enjoy a great big bonfire event with an annual Bonfire & Firework display including fairground and refreshments.

More info – Blackpool bonfire and fireworks on Live Blackpool


5.11.19 – Poulton Rotary Club Bonfire and Fireworks

The 34th Annual Charity Bonfire and Fireworks Display at Cottam Hall Fields

More info – Poulton bonfire on Visit Poulton-le-Fylde


5.11.19 – Lytham Round Table Fireworks

Charity Fireworks Spectacular on 4 November that everyone is invited to come and enjoy!

More info – Lytham fireworks on Visit Lytham


5.11.19 – Fleetwood Firework Extravaganza

At Marine Hall Gardens. A safe, fun Fireworks Night for everyone to enjoy!

More info – Fleetwood Marine Hall Fireworks on Visit Fleetwood

And a later one…

9.11.18 – Bonfire & Fireworks at Kirkham & Wesham Cricket Club

A bonfire and fireworks display for all the family

More info – Kirkham and Wesham Cricket Club Bonfire and Fireworks Display on Visit Lytham

Fylde Coast Fireworks and Bonfires – Great Community Events!

We love where we live here at Visit Fylde Coast. One of the many things that make it special is the amazing sense of community spirit.

Throughout the year, groups from Fleetwood to Lytham organise different events to make people happy. Bonfire night is no exception!

Most of these Fylde Coast Fireworks and Bonfires are organised by dedicated teams of volunteers. They raise money throughout the year in order to bring you a great night out. The amount of work and organisation which goes into this kind of evening is not to be underestimated. The paperwork for any event is bad enough but add fireworks into the mix and, well, you can imagine….

So please go along, have a great night out, and make a donation to their fund. Without financial contributions and practical help events like this couldn’t happen.

Bonfire Wood

It’s also a traditional time of year to get rid of large items of rubbish. Some of the communal bonfire organisers will accept donations of firewood.

As a rule of thumb it should be clean, dry sawn wood that will burn quickly without producing a lot of smoke. Details of how to donate wood are shown at the relevant links above.

Pets and Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is a great event. Depending on what day the 5th November falls on, it can go on for several days! However, please don’t forget your pets when you’re having a great time.

Bonfire Night and your pet, in association with Vets4Pets Cleveleys. Fylde coast bonfires and fireworks
Bonfire Night and your pet, in association with Vets4Pets Cleveleys

Animals react in different ways – some couldn’t care less and others go mad at the least sound.

Here are some tips from Vets4Pets Cleveleys to help your pet to survive the stress of bonfire night this year.

PLEASE also check underneath bonfires for hedgehogs BEFORE lighting them.

Origins of Bonfire Night

Do you like history and finding out about why we celebrate things that we do today?

Over the last four hundred years, the story of Bonfire Night has followed twists and turns to give us the celebration we have today.

Home-Made Parkin

It’s a tradition tasty treat to have at this time of year. Why don’t you have a go at making some of Grandma’s Parkin? It’s dead easy to do.

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    Our dog hates fireworks so I went to the Vets to see what they could do, they gave me a prescription to take to the Chemist, all in all it cost me £27, for just 3 tablets, but that wasn’t the worst part.

    When I got home I read the little leaflet from the box and it said…

    “Don’t drive or operate machinery whilst taking these tablets” !!!

    What kind of a dog do they think I have !!!

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