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We want to try your family recipes, so send us the details and the story of how it came about, and we'll create our own recipe book to share!

Most people have their own way of doing things and a stock of family recipes

Despite all of the cookery programmes on TV, if you're anything like us you'll also cook reasonably straightforward food!

We all sit and watch the chefs on TV, enjoy the programme, and carry on cooking the way we always have done. Partly because their recipes are fiddly, because we're busy and can’t be bothered, or the recipes use ingredients that we don’t keep in and can’t remember to buy!

Here's your chance to share your own straightforward family recipes. Who knows, eventually we may build up enough of a repertoire in this section to create our own cook book and make catering for families on the Fylde Coast easy!

Next time you make a tried and trusted recipe, jot down your recipe and send it in. 

Send a list of ingredients and some basic instructions – if you can take some photos while you are making your dish so much the better! (Just don't get your camera covered in food!) 

If it's a family recipe that comes with treasured memories we’d also like to share in the story too.

How to Join In

Email your recipes, stories and photos to

Hopefully, you’ll agree that these are all tasty recipes, which doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good for you!

If you're looking for healthy recipes, look at ‘Healthy Eating’ here.


Home made meat and potato pie - with a smile!


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