Yorkshire Fish Cake Recipe

Yorkshire Fish Cake Recipe

Here’s a recipe sent in by Barry Mills, a Visit Cleveleys reader, for what’s apparently a West Yorkshire favourite recipe for fishcakes.

A conversation had taken place on Facebook about fishcakes, and in particular Yorkshire ones, which I’d never heard of. It turns out that in the Huddersfield/Batley/West Yorkshire area a fishcake isn’t mashed fish and potato, it’s slices that are deep fried in batter. Here’s Barry’s recipe for you to try.

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For the Batter

175g plain flour
1/2 tsp salt
125ml water
150ml malt vinegar (sarsons type stuff)

For the Fish Cakes

Some Slices of peeled potato, about 5mm in thickness
Some plain flour
Cod or Haddock, skinned and boned, about 500g
Vegetable oil for deep frying (or a fryer)


Preheat deep fat fryer to about 190c

For the batter, put the flour and salt in a bowl, and the water and vinegar and whisk up until its smooth.

Now get the potato pieces, and trim your fish to be about the same size. Dip the fish in plain flour and shake off the excess. It needs to fit in between two pieces of potato to make a sandwich. Now you have your potato and fish ‘sandwich’.

Dip the ‘sandwich’ into the batter and then drop it into the hot oil. They usually drop to the bottom.. but be careful if you have a basket because the batter can get stuck in it.

Make a few and drop them in aswell. After about 5-6 minutes they should be floating.. flip them over and cook the other side for about the same amount of time.

Remove from the fryer and drain on kitchen paper.

Serve with chips… or just eat them as they are.

Yum Yum..

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    These “cakes” were the first thing I had from the fish shop when I went to see my grandma in Bradford . I absolutely loved them. When I first had the things they call fish cakes in London I was so disappointed in the mush that was inside them. I come from London but used to visit Bradford regularly to see my grandparents from tiny. I only wished they sold them in our chippys. I be there regularly!

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    Me and my wife are from Sheffield and have a nice Cake Butty when we come up from St Albans visiting family. Sometimes, my wife will have a couple in just one weekend. Nobody at work has ever heard of them and think they are weird. They are proper fish cakes, not mashed fish and herbs in breadcrumbs

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    Yorkshire fishcakes were born in Sheffield (all this is according to my Grandad who passed on many years ago). But he used to tell me stories about the war when i was about 8yrs old (I’m 46 now) so we’re going back awhile, but according to him, in the 2nd world war, all the steel mills and foundries in Sheffield were major suppliers to the British arms industry. Being such an important industrial city it was to be a target by the Germans. To cut a long story short, fish was running low, so a chip shop owner decided to make sure as many customers as possible could have fish. He made a fish and potato sandwich (to replace a full battered fish) which was battered. Also for the people who couldn’t afford this, a potato fritter (just the same but no fish) …but I have been told other stories too, that the idea of fishcakes and potato fritters actually were spin offs from Spam fritters.

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