Walking the Fylde Coast

Walking the Fylde Coast

Walking is something that most of us can do. The footpaths, beaches and seafronts of the Fylde Coast are yours to enjoy as often as you like. And it’s free!

The beauty of the Fylde Coast is that it’s so flat. It’s ideal for complete beginners and seasoned walkers alike. If you want a bigger physical challenge walk more quickly, run or carry a heavy backpack!

Walking the Fylde Coast
Walking the Fylde Coast

You don’t need any specialist equipment at all to enjoy miles of beautiful coastline. Just a pair of comfortable shoes, a suitable coat, and sunscreen if it’s a nice day. Don’t forget that you’ll burn more quickly than you might imagine – even on an apparently cool day. Don’t forget your water bottle if you’re setting off for any distance.

Walking from River to River

If you feel so inclined you can walk from river mouth to river mouth, right around the peninsula of land that is the Fylde Coast.

Google map of the Fylde Coast

The River Ribble opens to the sea at Lytham in the south. Walk the coastline from there to Fleetwood and the mouth of the River Wyre in the north, along the coastal Lancashire Way footpath.

According to Google Maps, from West Beach at Lytham to Dock Street at Fleetwood is a little over 17 miles.

However far you would like to go – 17 miles or 17 minutes – the beauty of walking is that it’s free. It’s fresh air and good exercise.

Did you know?

  • That walking briskly can help you build stamina, burn excess calories and make your heart healthier.
  • You don’t have to walk for hours. A brisk 10-minute daily walk has lots of health benefits and counts towards your recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise. Source: nhs.uk

You’ll see all kinds of things on your way, it lifts your spirits and improves your health. Start by walking a little and often. Build up your stamina bit by bit so that you can enjoy a longer distance.

Walking the Fylde Coast

There’s more local information on each of the Visit Fylde Coast websites. Here are some links to get you started:

Visit Fylde Coast contributor Sue Massey has started exploring longer walks. Her first one takes you walking from Freckleton to the River Wyre.

Get out and feel fitter
 Get out and feel fitter

Walking Dogs on Beaches

Don’t forget that Dog Control Orders are in place on all of the Fylde Coast bathing beaches throughout the bathing water season.

Walking dogs on Fylde Coast beaches
Walking dogs on Fylde Coast beaches

It means you can’t walk your dog on designated beaches from 1 May to 30 September each year and if you do you may get an on-the-spot fine.

If you are walking a long way on the beach, remember to divert onto the promenade at each of the beaches where restrictions apply.

If you do take your dog onto the beach at any time of the year, please remember that you should pick up and bin their poo, wherever you are. Please do not leave it to be washed away by the sea.

Join In with Walking the Fylde Coast

Have you got a favourite Fylde Coast walking route? Drop us a line, with photos if you can, and we’ll include it in this section.

Record the Beach in Photos

Visit Fylde Coast launched a new Citizen Science project in 2019 called Coast Watchers.

We’re asking all you beach lovers to create a photographic record of our beaches. How they move about, and how the weather affects them.

You can take your photos at recording points on the seafront, or anywhere along the Fylde Coast.

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