Doggy Plops

Doggy Plops

I’ll start off my blog today with a mention of the goings on in our house. My favourite subject (toilets) but this time it’s doggy plops. Last night when hubby came into the bedroom (I was watching TV in bed) he said that he’d had right fun and games with Koko, one of our dogs.

I asked what had happened, was he ill? (He has a heart condition) fearing the worst. Then he explained that Koko had jumped up and started going round in circles and promptly did a very soft poo. Hubby tried to get him outside, but Koko was having none of that, he dug his heels in and carried on doing more sloppy poos on the carpet.

Now my little dog isn’t much bigger than a Chihuahua so why he didn’t get hold of him and put him out I don’t know. Probably because I wasn’t there in charge! I keep saying he reacts very slowly to any situation, well now you know what I mean. Now that Koko has had his hair cut back for the heat, he is a very little dog. I won’t say he was shaved, because someone on Facebook took me at my word and played war with me and told me to get a Chinese Crested dog if I wanted a bald dog!

Koko with his hot weather haircut
Koko with his hot weather haircut

Doggy Plops on the Carpet

Well anyway, it seems that Koko did about eight small poos all in a circle, which means it was probably more like five or six, he’s always been prone to a bit of hyperbole (exaggeration). But anyway, out came our trusted carpet stain cleaner which is brilliant for that sort of job. Now Koko is nine and half years old and I can honestly say he’s never done anything else like this before. I can only think he must have had an upset gut or something.

Hubby set to, cleaning the plops up, and then using the stain remover managed to leave the carpet looking like new. We used that stuff in a pink spray bottle, I can’t just recall the name (Vanish carpet stain remover). You spray it on the stain, it foams and then you scrape it off immediately to leave clean carpet again. We now use Sainsbury’s own brand as it’s much cheaper, if anyone does use this product.

By the time hubby came into the bedroom, his eyes were popping out of his head as he was telling me what had happened, the poor lad. I don’t think he’s quite recovered from the shock this morning, but I think he’s doing OK now.

Put it away!

I did notice that he’d left the spray and kitchen roll in the middle of the mantelpiece, as I suppose he was too stressed to notice he hadn’t put them away. Now that’s not quite true because he is well known for leaving things for me to move, along with leaving drawers and cupboards open when he’s been in them. Why is a complete mystery to me, but it must be genetic as Jane does exactly the same thing, don’t you dear!

I’ve always wished I could develop the knack of turning a blind eye to things but I can’t. I suppose that comes from donkey’s years of practice because if I don’t move my things away nobody else will so I just do it.

Anyway, Koko doesn’t seem to be bothered, he’s fine today thank goodness and isn’t any way near as traumatised as hubby. I’m just having a bit of fun if anyone wonders as hubby is quite good at moving messy things. So well done dear, keep up the good work!

Trouble in Paradise

Just a quick mention about the nocturnal trouble makers in Cleveleys. That’s a bunch of lads who seem to be from the care home at the end of Rough Lee Road where it joins Rossall Road.

It seems that the youths are climbing through a window at night, going onto the roof of a lean to and then off on the rampage, doing just what they want. At about 1am yesterday morning they decided to smash a bus window for a bit of fun, bless them. Plus all the rest of the things they like to treat us to, again more sarcasm from me, but doesn’t it make you.

Keep them in at night

Anyway, they were seen and videoed and apparently Liverpool accents were heard. These kids are not supposed to be out at night, so why on earth don’t they stop them and put bars on the window or locks if necessary. Vandalism apart, they shouldn’t be out roaming the streets at that time. As I’ve said a million times before, the police aren’t interested in coming out never mind catching them, so it’s a green light for them to do whatever they want.

Surely there is staff on during the night at these homes so why aren’t they making sure that everyone is where they should be. Not doing the Great Escape night after night and upsetting people. You can see why a lot of people don’t like these kind of homes being put in the middle of their residential area can’t you. I know they have to go somewhere but when the residents are proven to be doing dark deeds, it’s not funny.

These kids should be stopped by their carers. Obviously not in this case. Now I’m not saying it was them that smashed the bus window even after I’ve seen the video, but it smells mighty fishy to me. A bit like the smell you get at Fleetwood from the fisheries, dead obvious!!

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