A group of residents from Fleetwood and Over Wyre have set up a group called BrineWatch. Concerned with Halite’s plans to dispose of up to 80,000 cubic metres of toxic brine into the sea off Rossall every day, they’ve joined together to keep other residents in the area informed of the scheme.

Huge volumes of water will be extracted from the fish dock at Fleetwood, used to create gas storage caverns Over Wyre by washing out the salt caverns.

The toxic brine, 8 times denser than sea water, will be disposed of along pipes under the River Wyre. It will be pumped across the Wyre peninsula and into the sea, less than 1.5 miles off the coastline at Rossall.

The brine disposal is set to continue day after day for at least 10 years.

Halite has admitted it will create a 100-metre dead zone in the sea around the outflow pipe. BrineWatch are concerned it will destroy the wider food web, with a dramatic effect on all the associated wildlife and an impact upon local livelihoods.

A BrineWatch buoy is anchored in the sea off Rossall at the centre of the dead zone. It marks the position chosen by Halite to release millions of cubic metres of toxic brine.


BrineWatch aim to highlight their concerns at a public meeting, please come along. It’s on Wednesday 22nd May at the North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood at 7pm.

David Eccles, of BrineWatch said ‘We hope other local residents are equally as concerned as BrineWatch and will help us investigate the claims made by Halite, to prevent a possible ecological catastrophe in the future. Please come along to the public meeting, learn more about the proposals, ask questions, offer help. Your support is vital if we are to stop this’.

Find out more about BrineWatch at

A website will launch shortly after the public meeting, reflecting the views and concerns of those present.

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