A First Holiday in Blackpool

A First Holiday in Blackpool

Today’s blog is a bit of a #throwbackThursday, about Jane’s first holiday in Blackpool. I know I’ve said it before, but I’d never have thought that things would come full circle and we’d end up living here!

This photo (below) which was on my blog about moving to the seaside the other day, took me right back to when she was a baby. It was taken many years ago, here in Blackpool while we were on holiday and she was just ten months old.

Let’s move to the seaside

When she was born she cried just about solidly for three months, presumably colic, but believe me she had a right pair of lungs on her. OK she still has (sorry Jane) but she was ten months old when that photo was taken by her dad. A couple who we knew at the newspaper where we worked back then bought a hotel at South Shore, it was just past the Pleasure Beach, so we went there and stayed with them for her first holiday in Blackpool.

Molly and Tom they were, and the most unlikely couple I would ever have thought to run a hotel. They were wanting a change as Tom was circulation manager of the newspaper, while his wife was PA to our managing director, and a very posh old sort he was too!

Anyway, we decided to have a week there and off we went on a bus, with luggage, suitcases, baby and all, what a performance.

First Steps in a First Holiday in Blackpool

We were lucky and had a beautiful sunny week, so the sands opposite their hotel were ideal for taking Jane there to get her first taste of a lot of water and a beach, which of course were all new to her.

Jane on the beach building sandcastles on her first holiday in Blackpool
Jane on the beach building sandcastles, on her first holiday in Blackpool

She took to it like a duck to water, my little white haired baby as she was then. She was very blonde and very wispy with it too. Her hair was black when she was born, then it all fell out and she turned into a blonde bombshell!

There were lots of little pools there, so it was ideal for her to splash about, and with Derek enjoying building sandcastles we had a lovely time on her first holiday in Blackpool.

She took her first steps on the beach at the South Shore as she toddled precariously before plopping unceremoniously back onto her bottom. We were both thrilled to bits with her, especially as Derek was there and not at work, where he would have missed it.

My Favourite Subject – Toilets!

Back in those days you mostly had to share bathrooms and toilets with other guests on your landing, which I hated, especially when you followed someone in who had made a bit of a pong, yuk. I loved having a bath but again felt a bit squeezy about whose body had been there before me. Picky aren’t I, but it’s what we all did in those days, so you got on with it.

I think people’s demands for en-suite facilities started to take off when they went abroad and had en-suites there, and I’m not surprised. I bet most people were like me and didn’t like sharing, especially when someone was in the toilet and you were bursting! There’s nothing like having your own toilet and bathroom don’t you think. Picture this, when back in that holiday, I went prancing down the corridor in my pink frilly nightie and negligee and nearly gave Tom a heart attack!

Jane was so good as a baby. Once she had got over her milk allergy (which we found out was the problem) and got her onto solid food she blossomed.

She went from a spindly thin pale baby to a beautiful pink plumped up baby who looked so happy all the time. She had a truly sunny nature, and while we were at Molly and Tom’s hotel she was as good as gold in her high chair in the dining room. She was always chuckling and laughing so much so that at the end of the week people were commenting about how lovely her dresses were and how good she was, and always smiling. Of course like a good mother hen I plumped my feathers up at the kindness of people to comment on how well behaved she was, even at that age.

Disposable Nappies

All in all, we had a good first holiday in Blackpool, apart from trying to juggle nappies. Like everybody, I else had terry nappies that you obviously washed. I used to have a nappy bucket and sterilising solution, then they went into the washer after that.

There were few disposable nappies at the time and as I wasn’t lugging a nappy bucket on a bus I bought some of them. They were simply horrible. They were big and practically useless but we had to soldier on and use them, as washing nappies in a hotel in those days was a no-no.

I tell you what though, with terry nappies you saved a fortune on disposable ones which in those days I couldn’t afford anyway. As washing nappies was what everyone did, you got on with it and boiled for Britain! It must have also saved millions of tonnes of plastic waste from going into landfill. Or, even worse, from blocking sewers.

It didn’t bother me at all as I had reusable nappy liners. They were a sort of muslin which caught the ‘gunk’ which I then held in the toilet while I flushed it. This got the thick of the gunk off, then they went into a nappy bucket, easy peasy.

All in all Jane’s first holiday in Blackpool went very well, with lots of memories of a happy time. It was to be the start of many, many more holidays, and eventually our new life on the Fylde Coast.

Old Photos

If you’ve enjoyed these photos of our first holiday in Blackpool, there are lots more old Blackpool photos here.

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