Take your Rubbish Home!

Take your Rubbish Home!

Did you see the double spread in the Gazette, with a huge photo showing all the rubbish that visitors had left in the hot weather last week? It was taken from the shoreline and did look a right mess. Take your rubbish home with you!

We did wonder whether it actually was a Blackpool beach. Or was the photo of somewhere else, as the Inspector Clouseau’s in our house thought there were differences in the look of things, so who knows. It doesn’t really matter where that exact photo was though, as it was a right awful mess.

Take your Rubbish Home with You!

Every time it gets hot, holiday makers descend on Blackpool in their masses. It’s great for the town, but such a lot of rubbish gets left when it’s hot, by people who seem to think that the effort of putting all their waste in a bin or taking it away is too much trouble. You can only wonder if they treat their homes in the same way and eat something and then throw empty packets onto their floor. I bet that doesn’t happen somehow do you.

Anyway, it would do them good if someone came around patrolling the beaches and asked them to bag all the rubbish they had made into one bag and take it away with them. I suppose that would be asking too much from some people as they think it’s ok to just dump their rubbish anywhere they want to. Just take your rubbish home with you!

Take your rubbish home with you

Why do people argue when they’re in the wrong?

On top of that I wouldn’t mind betting it would cause a lot of arguments. People who are guilty of doing something they shouldn’t more often than not start arguing when they’re challenged.

We’ve seen the ‘green man’ enforcement officer in Cleveleys when he’s just given a ticket out for dropping litter. More often than not the guilty one is arguing back. If a hefty fine is what it takes to make people see that it is an offence to drop tab ends (and any rubbish for that matter) bring it on I say.

Amazing what you find…

It’s amazing what you find when beach cleaning. It seems that some people think it’s ok to dump dirty full nappies rather than take them away, I wonder if they would have their living room full of smelly dirty nappies? Somehow I don’t think they would. If they can move things at home, what’s the problem with moving them on the beach, or anywhere else for that matter!

Hypodermic needles are found, plastic cups and of course, loads and loads of bottle tops and plastic straws. Although the message seems to be getting through to change from plastic straws to paper, which is what they always were when I was younger.

Inevitably there are loads of food containers. Some are pushed into corners on the streets, behind drain pipes and all the rest of the places where people think it’s ok to put their rubbish. What people don’t realise is that there’s an odds-on chance that litter from the seaside town centres will be blown onto the beach.

Bigger bins please!

To be fair though, when we’ve been in Blackpool and it’s busy, more often than not we see litter bins that are totally useless. They aren’t big enough for a start and are usually overflowing onto the street. You can see where people have tried to use the bins which are completely full and so leave their rubbish on the floor by the bins. So to me they can’t be blamed for trying, but with full bins what are they supposed to do?

Seagulls come along and enjoy picking rubbish from around the bins and pecking at bags stuffed into them. So it gets spread around by birds who are just trying to stay alive. They do a good cleaning up job, eating copious amounts of rubbish that the public drop on the floor. Then they’re in trouble for trying to eat food where there are people! They just can’t win.

I’m now stopping my rant about a problem that is age old and getting worse as time goes by. The public need re-educating, whether it’s government interference,  or going into schools to try and stop children from doing it in the first place. And telling parents etc that you don’t discard your rubbish anywhere that you might happen to be. In Blackpool the bins need emptying more often, along with bigger gull-proof bins.

Bin at Rossall Beach Cleveleys
Bin at Rossall Beach Cleveleys

Like the ones we campaigned for (above) after years of gulls and other birds eating our leftovers and strewing rubbish all over Rossall Beach. They certainly work as we’ve found out. It just needs common sense and hard work. Unfortunately both seem to be in short supply me thinks, in this modern world we’ve created. I’d better stop now before I get carried away altogether!

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    Great work being done on the coast in the North West from Morecambe to St Anne’s folk out cleaning most days on beaches , upgrades to sea walls and prom yes we deserve better press reports.

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