Homeless Hounds

Homeless Hounds

Homeless Hounds is an entirely volunteer run charity, which finds new homes for homeless and stray dogs.

The rescue has been operating for several years and operates across the North West.

More about Homeless Hounds

Stray dogs are taken to the dog pound where the local council pays for them to stay for 7 days. If unclaimed, these dogs have no one else to pay their boarding fees and will be put to sleep.

This is where Homeless Hounds gets involved. With their team of volunteers, fosterers and rescue contacts, the rescue finds a safe place for this dog to go.

Ideally, this dog will go straight to a safe rescue or a forever home. Homeless Hounds has a fantastic team of fosterers who also take the dogs in until their new home can be found.

Unfortunately, a space  can’t always be found for all of the dogs who need one, so they go to emergency kennels until a better place can be found.

A lot of dogs are brought in which are ill and/or have been neglected. These dogs usually need expensive medical care. All the dogs are chipped, neutered, vaccinated, flead and wormed before moving on. The rehoming fee paid by the new owner pays doesn’t even cover these basic costs.

Donations are always very welcome as the charity gets all of the money which it needs to operate just from fundraising. As you can imagine, the bills are staggering each month.

Homeless Hounds
Homeless Hounds

How you can help Homeless Hounds

Do you love dogs and want to help the unfortunate ones? They find themselves homeless through no fault of their own. Homeless Hounds need all the help they can get.

Running costs, food, vets bills – and more – run into big sums of money and can only be met through the help of volunteer fundraisers. Please support this charity however you can.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Donate – running costs are astronomical and entirely funded through donations. Whether you can spare £1 or have a spare £100 every penny is valuable and welcome.

2. Organise a fundraising event – you don’t have to book showgirls, a band and a full buffet – why not get a few friends together and have a coffee morning, a cake bake at work, or even maybe a sponsored dog walk. If you can raise a little bit of money – and promote Homeless Hounds and raise awareness too – your help would be so appreciated.

3. Toys – dogs in kennels can go stir crazy. All their basic needs are met in that they are safe, warm, clean, well fed and looked after – but anyone who has a dog will know that they are super intelligent creatures and need mental stimulation. Strong toys that strong dogs can play with are always in short supply so next time you’re out pet shopping please get an extra toy for Homeless Hounds.

4. Dog walkers – for the same reasons as above, dog walkers are always in demand at Homeless Hounds. You might not have the time or be able to commit to having a dog of your own, but if you’d like to dog walk occasionally you’ll always be welcome at the kennels. Here’s an idea – you might need to get fit or loose some weight – and the discipline of regular dog walking is perfect for that.

If you’d like to help, get in touch through social media or the website with the links below.

Contact Homeless Hounds

The rehoming charity is run by a group of volunteers. They all work full-time in other jobs. They ask that you get in touch through the contact form on their website.

Find out More

Take a look at the Homeless Hounds website

Homeless Hounds Facebook page

Meet the dogs on the Homeless Hounds YouTube Channel

Homeless Hounds on Instagram @homelesshoundsnw

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  1. Avatar

    I have a Jack Russell and Yorkshire terrier unfortunately due to separation I need to rehome them The Jack Russell is 9 and Yorkshire Terrier is 4 any help or advice will be appreciated Would like them to go together but appreciate this is not always feasible.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Mark, you’d need to contact Homeless Hounds directly

  2. Avatar

    Hi im looking to do volunteer work with animals ive worked in a dog groomers bathing dogs when i was 16. I also went to college doing animal care id be grateful if you could offer me voluntary work

  3. Avatar

    We would love the jack russell but could only take one sorry.

  4. Avatar

    Hello I am looking to provide a forever home for a small dog. I live in Blackpool have a 7year old who is great with pets, he has a gold fish who is 2 years old and a beautiful cat whom he loves desperately. Please would someone contact me if you are able to help..

    Thank you

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