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Gardening by the Sea

If you enjoy gardening, but not the challenges of the coastal environment, then hopefully you'll find this section a big help in creating your own oasis!

Gardening by the sea is possible, contrary to popular local myth, but some different rules have to be applied to take account of the harsh weather.

Unfortunately, the advice you are given by magazines and TV programmes is often theoretical rather than based on experience!

The weather behaves in different ways in different areas of coastline, hence what will successfully grow also changes as you move around the country, and what is a success on the coast in Cornwall might not be up here so much further north.

Follow this section and see your garden transformed into a green and pleasant land!

We also want to hear your hints and tips.

Feel free to add your advice to each of the items through the ‘Comments’ section, and if you have your own hints, tips and success stories – or failures! – please get in touch so that we can share them with other gardeners on the Fylde Coast.

Just email your tips, photos and stories to

Kite Surfing on the Beach
Spring bulbs

californian poppies
Californian poppies


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