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Enjoy gardening but not the challenges of the coast? Here's some help to create your own oasis

Contrary to popular belief it's possible to grow a nice garden close to the sea

However, you'll have to apply some different rules to take account of the harsh weather.

Unfortunately, a lot of the advice that's given by magazines and TV programmes is often theoretical rather than based on experience - and often doesn't work in real life.

Benefit of Experience

Here at Visit Fylde Coast we live right on the seafront and over the years we've transformed a paving flag, concrete garden into a patch of green.

In doing so we've killed a lot of plants and learned a lot of tips, some of which we'll share with you here.

Here on the northwest coast we find that the salty air tends to stave off all but the harshest of frosts and we rarely get snow. So we've kept geraniums flowering for years and even overwintered lobelia outside in our more sheltered back garden. That would be unheard of anywhere in land.

However, anything with the wrong type of foliage falls instant prey to the vicious winds. So conifers, heathers, and many more are just a no-no.

As in any other garden, the weather we experience is particular to our own area. So what we can grow here is probably different to what could be grown on the coast in Cornwall or Scotland.

But follow this section and see your garden transformed into a green and pleasant land!

How to Join In

If there's something you want to know that isn't covered please get in touch and ask.

Similarly, if you've got hints, tips and success stories – or failures! – please get in touch so that we can share them with other gardeners on the Fylde Coast.

Just email your tips, photos and stories to

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