A-Z of Fylde Coast Places

A-Z of Fylde Coast Places

We all know the name of the BIGGEST town on the Fylde Coast – that’s right, the amazing Blackpool! Here’s your A-Z of most of the other Fylde Coast places.

‘The Fylde Coast’ is the collective name for this bit of north west coastline which includes lots of interesting towns and villages. It’s the area between the estuaries of the River Wyre in the north and River Ribble in the south. We include the rural land up to and around the motorway network, and Over Wyre.

Google map for our A-Z of Fylde Coast Places
Google map for our A-Z of Fylde Coast Places

It’s quite a big task to thoroughly populate this page, so please bear with us while we do it in phases.

A is for

Amounderness – is the old name for this patch of Lancashire, the ‘Hundred of Amounderness’, first recorded in the 13th century and possibly even older than that.

Anchorsholme – is the very last stop in the north of Blackpool, just as you approach Cleveleys. There’s a new sea wall here and the huge Anchorsholme Park.

Ansdell – the small town which you’ll find slightly inland, between St Annes and Lytham.

B is for Blackpool!

Big, Bright and Bold, Blackpool is by far and away the best known place here on the Fylde Coast. Slap bang between the two rivers which define our little peninsula of land, Blackpool is the nation’s favourite seaside resort.

Look around the Live Blackpool website, part of the A-Z of Fylde Coast Places

We love it so much that we’ve created a full website dedicated to the place! Head over to the homepage of Live Blackpool and explore from there.

Bispham – probably the highest bit of coastline that you’ll find on the Fylde Coast! The promenade rises steeply here at what’s known as ‘the Cliffs’. Not quite a cliff, but it certainly makes for an amazing view! Blackpool north shore is also where you’ll find the tableaux illuminations.

Burn Naze

C is for Cleveleys

Midway between Fleetwood and Blackpool, Cleveleys is a lovely place to visit. Many people like it so much that they come to live here! There’s a beautiful seafront and beach, a thriving town centre and a great sense of community spirit.

Look around the Visit Cleveleys website, part of A-Z of Fylde Coast Places

Find out about all of this and much more from our Visit Cleveleys website. It’s one of the Visit Fylde Coast family.



D is for…

Docks – on which the town of Fleetwood was built.

Dowbridge – thanks to Jane Richardson for this suggestion.

We couldn’t think of any other specific town, village or location beginning with the letter D for our A-Z of Fylde Coast places. Can you?

E is for…



F is for Fleetwood

Fleetwood is at the northern end of our A-Z of Fylde Coast Places. It’s at the tip of the peninsula of land which is the Fylde Coast, next to the River Wyre estuary. Built on fishing and the railways you can still see it’s Victorian heritage in the buildings around you. Now it’s a traditional seaside resort that’s full of charm.

Look around the Visit Fleetwood website, part of the A-Z of Fylde Coast places

Take a look at our Visit Fleetwood website where you can explore and find out so much more.



G is for…


Grannys Bay

Great Eccleston


H is for…




I is for…

Illuminations – the most famous free lightshow in the world! Everyone must come to see the Blackpool Illuminations at least once in their lifetime. An amazing sight in themselves, it’s also a great family atmosphere to enjoy. We love them so much we’ve built our own website all about the Blackpool Illuminations.

LightPool Festival at Blackpool Illuminations. Part of our A-Z of Fylde Coast places


J is for…

Jubilee Gardens – there are actually two such named here on the Fylde Coast, and both on the seafront. There’s Jubilee Gardens at Cleveleys, on the seafront opposite Mary’s Shell. And Jubilee Gardens at Blackpool north shore, near to Gynn roundabout.

Other than that, we’ve scoured Google maps and can’t find a town or village, even a small place, that begins with the letter J. Over to you if you know different!

K is for…


Knott End

L is for (leafy) Lytham

Right at the south of the Fylde Coast, Lytham stands against the estuary of the River Ribble as it turns inland to Preston. It’s another very attractive town in our A-Z of Fylde Coast places, with tree lined streets and attractive architecture. It’s a good town centre for independent shops – Lytham is the one with the windmill!

Look around the Visit Lytham website, part of the A-Z of Fylde Coast places

Take a look at our Visit Lytham website. It’s part of the Visit Fylde Coast family.

Ladies Hill



M is for…



Moor End


N is for…

Newton with Scales



O is for…

Out Rawcliffe

P is for Poulton

The market town of Poulton is another one on our A-Z of Fylde Coast places with a long, historic past. Once the trading centre of the Fylde Coast it still has a weekly market and a thriving town centre. The attractive town is built around the market square and St Chad’s Church.

Visit Poulton, one of the A-Z of Fylde Coast places

Take a look at our Visit Poulton-le-Fylde website. It’s another one of the Visit Fylde Coast family.



Q is for…


R is for…




S is for St Annes

St Annes is a properly traditional English seaside town. It’s got the wide sweeping promenade with formal gardens, huge sandy beaches, a pier, bandstand and paddling pool. It’s a lovely spot for a break, especially in good weather! The town centre is wide and lined with planted gardens, and nearby is the beautiful Ashton Gardens.

Look around the Visit St Annes website, part of the A-Z of Fylde Coast places

Have a look round this lovely town with our Visit St Annes website.









T is for…




U – stumped!

V is for…

Vicarage – at Church Road, Lytham, a grade II listed building. We couldn’t find any towns or villages which begin with the letter V, so Juliette Gregson suggested this building. Do you know of any more?

W is for…





Wrea Green

X – no idea

Y is for…

York Cottage – at Thornton. It’s a grade II listed building, suggested by Juliette Gregson. Do you know of any towns, villages or hamlets that begin with the letter Y?

Z has got to be for Zoo!

Let’s face it, it’s the go to place for anything that begins with a Z, and at least we have Blackpool Zoo here on the Fylde Coast so it’s not even cheating 😉

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