Weather webcam,tide times and forecast for the Fylde Coast

Fylde Coast weather all together in one page with real life images fresh from the beach at Cleveleys.

The webcam refreshes every 10 seconds between daylight and dusk so you can enjoy our spectacular west coast sunsets and glorious skies.

Fleetwood is to your right in the photo – Blackpool to your left – so even though they are each 4/5 miles away you can get a feel for the prevailing weather and what it might be like there by looking at the sky.

Below you’ll find todays tide times for Fleetwood and Blackpool, along with the Flood Warning Widget from the Environment Agency and a Met Office local weather forecast.

Live Webcam
Blackpool Tide Times for 25th January 2015
Tide Times & Heights for
Blackpool on 25th January 2015

02:06 - High Tide (8.80m)
08:45 - Low Tide (1.10m)
14:28 - High Tide (9.10m)
21:15 - Low Tide (1.10m)
Fleetwood Tide Times for 25th January 2015
Tide Times & Heights for
Fleetwood on 25th January 2015

02:14 - High Tide (9.60m)
08:50 - Low Tide (1.10m)
14:35 - High Tide (9.70m)
21:21 - Low Tide (1.10m)
Wyre Lighthouse
Wyre Lighthouse Tide Times for 25th January 2015
Tide Times & Heights for
Wyre Lighthouse on 25th January 2015

02:08 - High Tide (9.10m)
14:29 - High Tide (9.40m)

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