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This is a space for you to share your experience

The Fylde Coast is a fabulous place to be celebrated and enjoyed and that's what we aim to do through these websites. But your life might not be that peachy...

'Who Cares' might be a question that you ask because of the circumstances in your life, maybe through your own illness or through caring for others. 

This is somewhere that you can share what has happened to you - maybe it's something uplifting that you think might give hope to others, maybe it's a bad experience that might help others from learning by their mistakes like you did. 

Whatever it is, if you'd like to send it in and share it we've got a space for it here.

Who Cares? We care x

Who Cares Blog

The Who Cares Blog - next door in the menu - is a round-up of events, news and such like from the world of health and health care. You might find that helpful or interesting too. 

Who Cares Real Life

Would you like to contribute to the Who Cares story?

You can send in articles to contribute to the Blog, relate your own experience, or comment about something that you've read.

Just get in touch:


Your comment could be a suggestion,
a response to a previous post,
a problem that needs answering,
or just an experience that you
want to share.

You have the choice of remaining anonymous or having the article credited to yourself.

Curious about where all this came from?
Find out more about the background to Who Cares here.


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