A Mooch to Fleetwood Market

A Mooch to Fleetwood Market

We’ve had a lovely weekend and then it was back to work on Monday. We went for a mooch to Fleetwood Market on Saturday, as Jane had to pick something up.

Off we went in the afternoon, men dogs and all. I must say the market isn’t half improving due I suppose to Julian, who looks after the markets, and his boss Julia. Quite frankly I had reached the point where I wasn’t all that bothered about going, as it was rather, shall I say, ‘old fashioned and dated’. The last time we went a few weeks ago it was starting to improve, with wider aisles, tidier stalls, it was lighter, more organised and all in all a much better experience. We did go through the outdoor area bit to get to the stall we wanted and sadly there weren’t many stalls there, certainly not enough to make you to really want to go outside, which is a shame as I think there is always a charm about shopping outdoors. Maybe that’s because I grew up in a time where taking a bus ride to Barnsley market was always very enjoyable. Back then it was then the largest market there was and very, very busy too.

Well worth a mooch to Fleetwood Market

The part at the top, which I always think of as the old bit, has had some stalls dressed up and some dramatic changes to others. Derek and Kevin hadn’t seen it at all and were amazed by how much better it looked.

Of course I had to get some new pinnies from a stall that I go to. After all, when you wear them every day like I do it’s nice to get a couple of new ones!

A mooch to Fleetwood market for new pinnies
A mooch to Fleetwood market for new pinnies

Then onto a stall that sold books, where I couldn’t resist the temptation of some puzzle books that were one heck of a lot cheaper than in the shops. I wasn’t bothered that they were older issues as I hadn’t had them before, so there I was, another satisfied customer.

It would seem that I also got caught in the act, staring at the sweeties…

Caught staring at sweeties when we went for a mooch at Fleetwood market
Caught staring at sweeties when we went for a mooch at Fleetwood market

Put it this way, we will be going back for another mooch to Fleetwood market after seeing it so much improved. Well done Julian and Julia.

Next stop…

Then we went to Freeport, oops, wash my mouth out, Affinity Lancashire. The sun was shining its head off for us which was lovely. I still think it’s a shame that M&S closed down as we, along with lots more people that we know, enjoyed going in there and buying things that were cheaper than they are in the main shops. Anyway it wasn’t meant to be, although there does seem to be some signs of doing something inside the shop, let’s hope if they re-let it that it will be someone good!

I popped into a shop with Jane to have a look at some jeans for me which luckily I found a pair that were exactly the right leg length for me. Being a small person I usually have to cut a foot off everything that I buy, so my eyes lit up when I saw them. Jane came into the changing room with me so that she could do what she usually does and tell me in no uncertain terms what she thought of whatever I was trying on. For example ‘take that off mother it’s awful’, if you see what I mean.

If only I could take a photo…

The cubicle wasn’t made for anyone that was fatter than me as it was quite small. There wasn’t a stool or anything, so there I was, Jane practically nose up to mine, when I started to take the jeans off that I was wearing. Of course I was wobbling all over like a jelly, trying to hop on one leg while I got the other leg off. It didn’t help when Jane started laughing her head off at me as I started banging from one side of the cubicle to the other, which was easy to do as it was so narrow. I drew the line when she said ‘if only I could take a photo…’!!

The same performance went on when I tried the new jeans on, with me swaying from side to side while banging against the wall. It’s just a good job that nobody was in the other cubicles or they would have wondered what was going on.

By this time, my face was getting redder and redder as I got hotter and hotter. It didn’t help that I’d left my cardigan and coat on I suppose, but as I was trying just the bottom half on I didn’t bother. There we were both helpless with laughter in our tiny squashed up box, killing ourselves with laughter. Then I had the same performance to go through to get the new jeans off and my own back on. Of course, my shoes had to come off so when it came to fastening the buckle again, I couldn’t bend down to do it so I set Jane on with the task, you have to have a bit of help when you get elderly!

Eventually we emerged and would you believe, the jeans were perfect. After our mooch to Fleetwood market we carried on shopping at Freeport until we were dropping (poetry). After a nice afternoon we went home, tired out, for tea, wondering whether we’d actually been to Birmingham or somewhere!

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