Bumble Bees and Birthdays

Bumble Bees and Birthdays

Bumble Bees and Birthdays. Another strange heading for a blog, but then you’ve come to expect that from me!

A nice quiet afternoon

We’ve had a nice quiet weekend here in our house, well the weather wasn’t too bad but not stunning, although it didn’t rain as heavily on Saturday as promised. I went for my flu jab and then Jane and I had a quick trip to Aldi in the morning. We’d just got back onto the drive as the rain started, so that was good timing!

The afternoon saw us doing a beauty parlour stint with our two dogs as they needed a bit of a trim and their nails clipping, which Jane absolutely hates doing. She’s a bit like her dad when she does it as he always gets in a mood if he has to do something unpleasant like decorating! Eventually we got done and it took quite a lot of time up I can tell you, with Muffin nearly having a dickey fit as usual. I’m not allowed to cut their nails as they think I would probably cut their foot off, not sure why though!

On Sunday we decided to have a stay at home afternoon. Mornings are lost in our house at a weekend as I suppose they will be for most peoples who work. Jane and I decided to do lol about and do some colouring and I tried out my new paints that I’ve just got, and they are brilliant.

First Bumble Bees and Birthdays Comes Next…

I’ve been colouring in some rather large bumble bees and to get the wings looking transparent is no easy task I can tell you.

Bumble Bees and Birthdays with Chrissie Blogger

The new paints I have got are the most delicious metallic colours, pure pigment and if I say so myself, the wings look great, all transparent and flimsy.

I know if you don’t do ‘adult colouring’ as they call it you may not be interested, but I am so proud of my bee I wanted to share it with you. It does sound like something that kids would do with poster paints and a 1″ brush, but believe me, when you get into it there’s some really talented people creating some amazing finished pictures.

Bonfire Birthday

Anyway, digression over, yesterday was Kevin’s birthday, a right bonfire baby if there ever was one. It dropped on our beach clean day so as usual, Derek, Kevin and myself joined the ‘gang’ when we’d got all our jobs done. We stayed for lunch with some of our friends, while thinking of ill and absent friends who would have been with us in better circumstances and whose company we really miss. Of course, we had a good old laugh together and Tom, the manager there who we know well, had put some balloons on the table for Kevin.

Bumble Bees and Birthdays with Chrissie Blogger
Bumble Bees and Birthdays with Chrissie Blogger

After lunch, we all sang ‘happy birthday’ to him so it was perhaps a good job that we were in our usual place in the naughty corner, out of sight of anyone as we can be a bit boisterous when we get together and that’s putting it mildly!

Jane and Kevin had decided before they went that they were having a game of pool while they were there, so having roped two more friends in to play with them, off they went. I was chatting to some other friends and could keep hearing this boisterous laughter from them so it was as well that we weren’t in public view.

Bumble Bees and Birthdays with Chrissie Blogger

Liz and Kevin won apparently, after a lot of noise, but all had a good time and dark horse Dorothy is good with a pool cue too! Then it was back home after a lovely time for them to work and me to do my typing.

The dogs were certainly glad to see us as they ended up having their dinner late. It would be hopeless trying to feed them before we went as they get excited thinking they are coming out with us, but not today Josephine! Then, all I wanted to do was go to sleep, but duty calls then it was tea time. Ah well, at least I’m stood up and can do it unlike some people. That’s what I keep telling myself when it gets boring. Do any of you out there get that feeling or is it just me!

Thank goodness Bonfire Night is over

I must say, I wasn’t looking forward to last night with the fireworks going off. My poor dogs along with many others don’t like all the bangs. Poor Koko, little thing that he is, jumps out of his skin at the noise and getting them to go out for a wee, well, that’s another story. They just try and run back inside the house away from the noise of the fireworks.

They were going off non stop round us frightening the poor little things. I just wonder how people can afford to let one off after the other for hours on end. Have you seen the price of them, it’s enough to make your eyes water? Talk about burning money.

I think it’s nice for the younger children to have a few fireworks, which is what we used to do with Jane. Her grandma and grandad used to come and I made all the usual bonfire food which we enjoyed around our bonfire. Lots of memories of happy times. The fireworks were one heck of a lot cheaper in those days too but the price of them today is so high, somebody must be making a good profit! Anyway, as they do, it will come and go along with Kevin’s birthday for another year and peace will once again be restored.

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