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Just For Fun

Have a laugh on us with this section dedicated to on-the-spot entertainment. Laughs, cartoons, jokes and more - as long as it's clean!

As the saying goes, life's too short to stuff a mushroom, so we've created this section to bring you some light entertainment for those moments when you need it!

We don't know what might wind up here yet - the jokes that circulate on the internet, cartoons, funny things, maybe a crossword or a quiz - but one thing is for sure it won't be serious at all and will be designed to make you smile in one way or another.

If you come across anything that you think will be perfect for this section, by all means send it in. We can't promise to use everything, and all jokes will be censored for cleanliness first!

Cartoons and illustrations will be credited to the source from which they originated in order to maintain the copyright of the creator.

Just email anything that you come across to



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