Places to Stay on the Fylde Coast

Places to Stay on the Fylde Coast

Have a look at some places to stay on the Fylde Coast if you’re not sure where to head for your next break. There’s a place for everyone here. (Featured above: the Briardene Hotel, Cleveleys)

Find Places to Stay on the Fylde Coast for Everyone

Where do you like to go on holiday? Do you like to go somewhere bright and noisy? Is that your idea of hell and you’d prefer quiet isolation? Would you like somewhere in-between?

And what about where you go. Do you prefer to see the sea when you waken up in a morning on holiday? Or would you prefer to see green fields and hear birdsong?

Well, whatever your preference, the Fylde Coast has got something for you.

From Fleetwood and rural Wyre in the north, to Lytham and rural Fylde in the south, there’s something for everyone. Because of course, between those two quiet, rural areas lie the bright lights of Blackpool, plus family friendly Cleveleys and St Annes.

Places to Stay on the Fylde Coast

What’s Great about a Holiday in the UK?

OK, let’s get it out of the way before we talk about the good points. I’m sorry, but we can’t guarantee the weather!

But we CAN give you weather webcams, so you can watch the views from wherever you are.

Apart from that, there are a lot of great things about taking a holiday in the UK. Whether you want to visit Fleetwood, Cleveleys, Blackpool, St Annes or Lytham (or even somewhere further afield) we can think of lots of great reasons:

  • You don’t need a passport
  • Holiday without travel insurance
  • Travel sick? You can holiday without flying – or sailing!
  • Prefer public transport? You can holiday without a car right here in the UK. Which also means you can wander where the mood takes you.
  • No queues at airports
  • So much to see and do right here on the Fylde Coast, never mind the rest of the country
  • There’s less chance of catching some weird disease!
  • …and on that subject, you don’t need to have jabs before you go
  • No need to convert your money into foreign currency
  • If you have a crisis, medical emergency or a family problem you can go home easily
  • No jet lag
  • Can you think of anything else?

Mix it Up with Places to Stay on the Fylde Coast

The beauty of all of these places on the Fylde Coast is their close travelling distance to something quite different.

Something for everyone – Places to Stay on the Fylde Coast

Whether you’re visiting for a couple of days or a week, pick your place, or places to stay on the Fylde Coast, and then mix it up with where you visit.

If you love shows and theatre, the attractions, nightlife and things to do in Blackpool then it makes sense to stay in a Blackpool hotel. Take a look at the big range of accommodation listed with StayBlackpool – there’s sure to be something for you.

If, on the other hand, you’d like a quiet get-away-from-it-all, you might prefer to stay somewhere quieter, like the Briardene Hotel. It’s technically in Blackpool but feels like it’s in Cleveleys. It’s also right against the tramway. Get yourself a Blackpool Transport pass and the coast is your oyster!

Get back to Nature with Places to Stay on the Fylde Coast

Are you one of Britain’s many happy campers?

Eastham Hall Holiday Park, one of the great places to stay here on the Fylde Coast

Do you like the freedom of being able to go where you please?

Have you got a caravan, motorhome or tent?

There’s a number of holiday parks, caravan parks and campsites here on the Fylde Coast too. Eastham Hall is one of them.

Along with private sites there are some local authority car parks where you can pitch a motorhome for the night. St Annes has one, and there’s another at Fleetwood.

If you really love the Fylde Coast you might even find yourself buying a static caravan. There are some really, really nice parks here. Beautifully maintained, quiet and a perfect places to get away from it all whenever you like.

Places to Stay on the Fylde Coast all Year Round

Back in the mists of time, most seaside resorts were seasonal. They were packed to the rafters during the main holiday weeks of the year, and especially during the ‘wakes’ weeks when whole towns took a week off work.

The flip side of this was that during the off-peak weeks of winter, they were also deathly quiet….. Some still are. There’s an appeal, a fascination, a charm about a seaside town on a wet December day.

Anyway. Back to the Fylde Coast, which certainly doesn’t close for winter!

There’s nothing like a walk on Blackpool Beach in winter. Find places to stay with Visit Fylde Coast

If you’re looking for somewhere to holiday in the UK, maybe you fancy a holiday for Christmas or Easter, then look no further.

Couples, single people, families, older people – in fact everyone – can enjoy a holiday at any time of the year.

Although the Fylde Coast doesn’t shut-down out of season, January is probably the quietest month. Christmas is over and the new season is yet to stretch and waken up. The thousands of people who work in the tourism and hospitality industry take a well earned break now, before it all begins again for another year!

A Holiday for all Pockets

There are literally thousands of holiday accommodation properties here on the Fylde Coast. So there’s a holiday for you whether your bank balance is big or small!

From cheap-as-you-like room only, all the way through the scale of price, cleanliness and quality, right up to an increasing number of amazing, five star luxurious stays.

A lot of work is being done to improve the quality of holiday accommodation in Blackpool. Providers are encouraged to take part in one of the nationally recognised quality schemes and become star rated. Plus, there’s the Blackpool Approved Scheme, which doesn’t issue a Star Rating but does give a recognition for a standard of quality.

A number of branded, recognisable hotel names are also under development in Blackpool.

Elsewhere in the boroughs of Wyre and Fylde, you’ll find national name and independent hotels, guest houses, self catering properties and bed and breakfast of a high standard.

There are some amazing places to stay on the Fylde Coast. Why don’t you make it the destination for your next break?

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