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Bucket and spadeFrom sunny August Bank Holiday Monday...

Snow on Cleveleys beachTo a walk in the snow on Cleveleys beach


Spring, summer, autumn and winter - you're always welcome at the Fylde Coast where you'll always find something to see and do.

Fleetwood, Cleveleys, Blackpool, St Annes and Lytham - all through the year you'll find something for you on the Fylde Coast.

There's no getting away from it, summer is a lovely time, that is when the Jet Stream is in the right place and we get good weather!

However, unlike many other UK seaside resorts which have a very definite 'season', the Fylde Coast is popular, busy and enjoyed all year round by local people and by many visitors.

In winter you can enjoy a bracing walk on the beach, and in spring and autumn watch some of the most spectacular sunsets that you'll see anywhere in the world.

Our shops and town centres are open year round - with late night opening hours in the Festive Season and Sunday trading just like you'd find in any other town centre.

Some of the attractions are seasonal but some are open throughout the year, so it's always best to check with each individual one if you are planning a winter visit. 

Of course the Blackpool Illuminations extend the holiday season far beyond the height of summer - they are turned on at the end of August Bank Holiday week each year and go off at the beginning of November when the school half term holidays are finished.

So whatever time of year is your favourite season, whether you prefer spring, summer, autumn or winter, you can be sure that you'll enjoy spending time here on the Fylde Coast!

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