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Events on the Fylde Coast

The Fylde Coast is the place to be for entertainment and variety with a wide range of public events, much of which is provided by the hundreds of community and amateur groups that are in the area.



Start: 14th February 2018 00:00
End: 14th February 2018 00:00
Venue: Annual Calendar Date


Don't forget to buy roses today!

Valentine's Day

Will I get a card/won’t I? 
Who will send one? 
Will my partner remember?

There’s more to this age old tradition than you probably think!

There are a number of early Christian martyrs called Valentine, but it was Chaucer who way back in 1382 provides the first written reference linking Valentine’s Day with romantic love.

Published: 30th December 2017
Modified: 30th December 2017
Events and dates may be subject to change. Check with the event organiser for details

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