Birdman Parrot Rescue

Birdman Parrot Rescue

Birdman Parrot Rescue is a Fylde Coast based charity which takes in and provides help with pet birds.

The organisation is based in Blackpool and has lots of experience with all types of birds and large parrots. They take in any parrot, sick, injured or problem birds. They’ll never turn a bird away. 

If you think you can offer a bird a home please contact them. 

Meet the birds
Meet the birds

Services from Birdman Parrot Rescue

The organisation has a number of people dotted round the north west who can help with picking up birds from different locations.

Birdman Parrot Rescue take in birds that need rehoming and offer bird boarding services for owners who are going on holiday.

  • They can trim beaks and claws
  • Although they don’t like the idea of clipping wings will offer that too.
  • Microchipping is also available.

Birds with diseases can also be rescued, as there are separate aviary facilities where they can be kept away from healthy birds.

Rescued birds are placed with suitable new owners on a lifetime foster. They do not adopt, breed or sell birds.

How can you help?

Birdman Parrot Rescue is always looking for help.

Volunteer at Birdman Parrot Rescue
Volunteer at Birdman Parrot Rescue

If you love birds there are lots on ways that you could provide assistance:

  • Would you like to volunteer to work with the birds?
    You’re more than welcome to sit and socialise with them but there is lots of cleaning, feeding and watering to do, which is a main priority.
  • Could you help with transportation?
    There are birds to pick up and drop off, supplies to fetch and all manner of errands to run.
  • Could you donate suitable fruit and vegetables?
    Maybe you have an allotment, or even a shop with excess food from time to time.
  • Equipment like newspaper, or even useable cages are always in demand.
  • And of course – cash donations are always welcome.

Birdman Parrot Rescue is currently working towards securing charitable status.

Contact Birdman Parrot Rescue

Look out for Birdman Parrot Rescue at Fylde Coast events. The birds go along for a meet and greet to events like Tram Sunday. It’s a good way to make people aware of the services on offer and to fundraise.

Birdman Parrot Rescue information stand
Birdman Parrot Rescue information stand

Unit 2 Fox’s Garage, Lichfield Rd, Blackpool FY1 2RR

Open 10am-4pm, closed Wednesday

Tel: 07751 952367 between 8am and 8pm

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