Dog Friendly Places

Dog Friendly Places

Whether you live on the Fylde Coast or come here to visit, if you’ve got a dog the chances are you’ll want to take them out with you. So we’re always looking for dog friendly places on the Fylde Coast.

We know that there are a lot of people who like to keep their dogs with them when they go out, so here’s a basic guide to help you when you plan your next day trip with your four legged friend.

Just FOLLOW THE LINKS to find out where the dog friendly places are in each town on the Fylde Coast.

Shops and Cafes

We’ll start our tour of dog friendly places on the Fylde Coast in the north, at Fleetwood. There, you can take your dog in the market, including the indoor mall.

Affinity Lancashire shopping outlet centre (formerly Freeport Fleetwood) is possibly the most dog friendly place on the Fylde Coast. They are welcome in the centre and many of the shops will also welcome Fido with open arms.

Next stop south is Cleveleys. Some of the independent shops and high street names will let you take your dog inside. Outside the shops you’ll find lots of owners waiting on a bench while their family do their shopping. It’s always busy with dogs in Cleveleys!

Blackpool is like any town centre anywhere in the UK. As is usual, you’ll find that independent shops are good at letting you go in, whereas the high street names follow the usual ‘no-dogs’ policy. If your pooch is small enough to be carried, or needs a pram, you’ll probably be OK (but please ask first).

St Annes isn’t too bad, although there are more high street names at St Annes than there are in Lytham, which does cut down the choice.

Lytham is one of the most dog friendly places on this coast. Many of the shops are happy for you to take dogs inside.

The Fylde Coast has always been famed for nurseries and garden centres and a number of them will allow you to take your dog in with you.

If you know of any dog friendly places please get in touch and we’ll add them to the list. Just email details to

Please Note:

The information on the Visit Fylde Coast dog friendly places pages has been supplied by both businesses and the public. If you are in doubt, it’s always best to check that a shop is happy for you to take your dog inside before you enter the premises. Information is published in good faith.

Check out these pages for details of  ‘Dog Friendly Places’.

Dog friendly shops and cafes in Fleetwood

Dog friendly shops and cafes in Cleveleys

Dog friendly shops and cafes in Blackpool

Dog friendly shops and cafes in St Annes

Dog friendly shops and cafes in Lytham


A lot of work has been done by the three local authorities along the Fylde Coast to clean up our bathing waters.

Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Councils all have what are called ‘Dog Control’ orders. You’ll find that most local authorities throughout the UK have them, they are rules which determine where you can walk your dog off its lead.

Because the main amenity beaches are ‘designated bathing beaches’ they are also subject to dog bans in the summer season from May to October.

Find out about dogs on beaches

Business Owners – the benefits of being Dog Friendly Places

The dog owning population is a huge one, with a huge disposable income to spend. Some of that money could be spent in your local business.

An estimated 13 million (46%) of households have pets, with people owning an estimated 8.5 million dogs.

The Kennel Club runs a scheme called ‘Be Dog Friendly‘ which aims to reward and encourage businesses and public places across the UK to adopt a dog friendly attitude towards the nation’s 8 million dogs.

Hygiene Rules

  • Dogs are only legally banned from food preparation areas, not areas where food is served and sold.
  • The only legal obligation on the owner of such a place is to make sure there is no risk of contamination and that all food preparation areas are up to specified hygiene standards, as set out in EU Regulation (EC) 852/2004, Annex II, applied in the UK by the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006.
  • You can gain a lot from being a Dog Friendly business. Find out about the benefits and how to get a free listing on the ‘Dog Friendly‘ website.


No sane dog owner will bring their dog into your shop or cafe unless they are confident that it will behave.

When you have trusted an owner and their dog to come into your shop they will not want the humiliation of their dog showing them up in an enclosed space in front of you, the shop owner, and other customers!

Dog Owners

We have two small dogs here at Visit Fylde Coast and we love to take them out with us. Unfortunately they are both disabled so we have a pram for them. They get so excited and love to come out and talk to people and see what’s happening!

It’s up to all of us as dog owners to behave responsibly when we take our pets out.

Please don’t take them into situations which you know may cause a problem for your pet or for other people. In March 2018 a Visit Fylde Coast reader sent us this poem – it seems apt to include it here –

Losing My Knees

Whilst I was walking along the prom,
Just strolling by the sea,
Four totally unknown strangers,
Thrice attempted to injure me!

Their weapon of choice was obscure,
Not intended for such a deed,
The tool that nearly broke my legs,
Was their dog’s extendable lead!

The dogs ran hither and thither, you see,
At the end of their extendable leads,
Creating a cat’s cradle, a net, a web,
Which quickly imprisoned me.

The extendable lead, most readers will know,
Was never intended for t’street,
Or the proms or the parks where we go to relax,
It was made to keep dogs from the sheep.

To allow our dogs controlled freedom,
On the paths that cross grazing land,
Was the point of the extendable item,
Whilst keeping the dog from the lamb.

So have some thoughts for the others,
Who share the paths that you use,
Please use short leads when in public
And their patience you will not abuse.

For those who don’t answer to reason,
Perhaps I should climb off the fence,
Why must we continue to fall over your dog?
Wake up! And use common sense!

Laurence Foster

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  1. Been trying to move to ansdell. area..for last 12 maths. But cannot find property to rent.with having a dog.5 yr choc lab..if more people trusted dog owners.they would fill there flats ect. But smokers & cat are considered.

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