Campaign for Chairs

Campaign for Chairs

Visit Fylde Coast is on a mission, in conjunction with Access Fylde Coast, to Campaign for Chairs. It might not seem like much, but a simple chair could be the difference between where people can or will shop.

Campaign for Chairs

Once upon a time, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, most shops had a chair at the side of the counter. The customer would sit and chat to the assistant while she measured out butter or ribbons.

The old fashioned shops where every single item was personally served have been replaced with supermarkets and self-service. Butter comes in pre-packaged in packs or tubs and so do ribbons. We wander into shops and wander around, selecting our purchases at will.

Some stores still provide a chair or two for customers. Many don’t. But the sheer size of many of these retail empires necessitates the provision of chairs more than ever before.

Why do Shops Need Chairs?

We could write a list of reasons a mile long. All kinds of people need to sit down while they’re out for all kinds of reasons. Just a few of them include:

  • It’s a retirement area = a larger elderly population. By their age alone, the very people who are more likely to want to sit down.
  • Physical disabilities – from a temporary strain to a permanent problem.
  • Boredom! Park a man/child/partner on a chair and they’re a lot less likely to hurry you out of a store, which means you’ll probably spend more money.
  • People with mental health conditions, sensory and learning disabilities often appreciate the chance to take time out.

Please Provide Chairs

Here’s a plea to all Fylde Coast retailers. Please find a space in your store for chairs. One chair, several chairs, anything is better than nothing.

Access Fylde Coast is making the area accessible to people with all kinds of disabilities. Providing a chair is something that all shopkeepers can do easily and cheaply.

  • When you’ve got your chairs in place, bob us an email* and we’ll add you to the list.

Let’s make the Fylde Coast the most comfortable place to shop in the country! *please send your details by email then your message doesn’t get overlooked, thanks!

Shops with Chairs

We’ve kicked this off from our own local knowledge and some of your comments from Facebook posts. There will be many more who already provide places for people to sit down.


Affinity Lancashire – lots of benches in the mall and many stores with chairs inside


Big Deal
Bon Marche
Boots the Chemist
M&Co – has a pair of black comfy chairs
Oxfam Charity Shop
Philips Jewellers
Trinity Hospice Charity Shop
Wilkinsons window ledge!



TK Maxx has a nice wide window ledge!

St Annes


Personal Experience

As your editor of Visit Fylde Coast, I usually shop with my darling mother, otherwise known as Chrissie Blogger. Being of tender years and with numerous health conditions, she doesn’t find it easy to shop for any length of time. Our expeditions are planned around places to sit down, limiting walking and standing as much as possible.

Reaching tender years myself, I’ve just endured a particularly nasty bout of tennis leg (I hadn’t heard of it either!). Doing nothing but bending, I overstretched a muscle in the back of my knee, felt it snap, and spent the next two weeks hobbling on crutches. The injury lasted about 6 weeks before healing completely, and was a big eye-opener into being physically disabled.

I’m already switched onto parking spaces, benches, chairs and shortcuts. But when I first went out I could only hobble for a few yards and discovered how awkward it is, getting about without full mobility. I’d already suggested that shops like Debenhams should have chairs throughout the store for customers, hence this Campaign for Chairs. (Funny punchline, then I got tennis elbow from using a crutch…)

On a totally different tack, chairs are handy places where men can be parked while we women do our shopping! M&Co in Cleveleys has a pair of comfy chairs, beloved of many a weary shopper. I bet those chairs single-handedly increase the shop turnover…

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