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Some steps to help you to be prepared should your home be at risk of flooding.

In recent years, flooding from extreme rainfall has become a bigger problem. Some advice about how to keep safe and be prepared.

Floods can happen anywhere at any time. They're caused by rising ground water levels, burst water drains, rainwater running off hillsides - as well as flooding from rivers and seas. Even if you live miles from the sea or a river, flooding could still affect you.

Watch this short information video produced by Lancashire County Council and make sure you know what you would do if your own home became at risk of flooding.

Further flooding advice from Lancashire County Council

Sign up for Flood Alert Warnings

The number of homes at risk from flooding is only going to increase with a changing climate.

Many people think that flooding will never happen to them - but it could. Recent winters have been the wettest in England for nearly 250 years with around 6,000 properties flooded.

3 simple steps to help protect your property from flooding:

1. Check the Environment Agency’s maps to see if you are at risk, find them here.

2. Sign up for free flood warning alerts for your area, sign up here.You can receive warnings by phone, text, email or all three.

When high tides are expected, particularly in combination with strong winds, an area may be put on flood alert. Receiving a warning in advance from Floodline enables you to get organised so that you don't make unnecessary journeys during the worst times, and to get ready with sandbags and other measures if necessary. It also alerts you to impending bad weather which will enable you to be prepared and able to stay indoors until the worst conditions pass. 

3. Prepare a personal flood plan. You can find out how here.

Particularly living so close to the sea, residents of the Fylde Coast and visitors need to be aware of the dangers of walking and driving through flood water. 

Just 30cm of flood water can float a car – don’t take risks on low lying coastal land at high tides in stormy weather.

The sea can and does take lives - be careful and stay safe. 

Flood Warning Information

Find out More

Further flooding advice from Lancashire County Council

Long term flood risk maps from the Environment Agency

Sign up for Flood Alerts from the Environment Agency

Prepare a personal flood plan for your home

Storms in Cleveleys in January 2014Storm and flooding at Cleveleys in January 2014

Flooding in Blackpool in January 2014Flooding in Blackpool in January 2014
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