Get Involved with Coast Watchers

Get Involved with Coast Watchers

Would you like to get involved with Coast Watchers? If you’re fascinated by the shoreline and want to understand how it works, then Coast Watchers needs you!

Coast Watchers is a new project using Citizen Science to collect and share interesting information about the Wyre coastline. It will help us to properly understand (and share) what we find. There’s a lot more background information here.

Visit Fylde Coast and the engineering team at Wyre Council are working together, with the help of Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group.

We’re using your real-life observations, including lots of photos, along with information from different existing data sources like tide and weather gauges. The purpose is to properly understand (and share) what’s happening on our section of shoreline.

How to Get Involved with Coast Watchers

There are three main ways in which you can get involved with Coast Watchers. You can join in a little bit or a lot.

  • Take photos at the beach and upload them online
  • Join the Rossall Beach Group
  • Join the Coast Watchers Group

1. Take photos and upload them online

Look out for the marker points and signs on the seafront at Cleveleys. For this first phase there are just three of them at Cleveleys. The next step is to add other locations along the Fylde Coast

You’ll find the first three locations at –

  • Rossall Beach,
  • Where Rossall Beach meets the stepped promenade, opposite The Venue, and
  • Just to the right of Victoria Road West on central Cleveleys seafront.

Take photos while you’re out walking on the seafront. Upload them online and contribute your bit to science!

Get involved in Coast Watchers all over the Fylde Coast

Coast Watchers also aims to photograph anything unusual that you might see when you’re out on your travels. 

Some of the unusual things that you see might include a beach being unusually washed away by a storm, or even built up where it isn’t usually. Have you seen freak weather? Most of us have seen the sea foam and from time to time that gets really wild! There are often interesting things washed up onto our beaches too. Litter, plastics, palm oil or whatever it is. If the source of something is known, how it travels and where it ends up is revealing in itself.

Upload your ‘unusual’ photos

Wherever you are on the Fylde Coast you can also upload your photos to one of these three ‘unusual’ categories:

  1. Erosion/deposition
  2. Freak weather
  3. Interesting finds

Points to note:

  • Frame the shot as directed in the guidelines for that location.
  • Take your photo landscape (get the most area of beach in shot).
  • Don’t zoom in or do anything fancy – just point and click!
  • Get at least one photo showing the location as directed.
  • Your other photos can be of different angles, features etc.
  • Take a look at this example, uploaded by admin.

The aim is to get lots of photos over a period of time of the same places. That’s why your first photo needs to be framed in more or less the same way as everyone else’s photos. That way a like-for-like comparison can be made. Here’s an example of what you’re aiming for:

Coast Watchers Location 1 at Rossall Beach Cleveleys
Coast Watchers Location 1 at Rossall Beach Cleveleys
Location 2 opposite The Venue Cleveleys
Location 2 opposite The Venue Cleveleys
Coast Watchers Location 3 at Victoria Road West, central Cleveleys
Coast Watchers Location 3 at Victoria Road West, central Cleveleys

Over time, we’ll be able to see from all of your photos how beach levels move about as the sand, gravel and pebbles are deposited and eroded. Your additional photos of the same locations will add detail and interest.

Don’t forget to tell your friends to join in too!

Join the Rossall Beach Group

Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group is the community partner in the project.

Come along to beach clean-ups and meetings for a chat and an update. If you’re involved with the Rossall Beach Group you’ll be one of the first to find out what’s happening as the project unfolds.

Join the Coast Watchers Group

There’s a small Coast Watchers Community Group, made up of people who are interested in developing the project.
If you’re interested in the weather, photography, computers, beaches, sea defences, science and engineering then get in touch and join in.

It’s important that everyone can understand Coast Watchers and take part. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist – just interested.

Find out More

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