Blackpool Supports BinForGreenSeas

Blackpool Supports BinForGreenSeas

Blackpool Supports BinForGreenSeas – with the first bin of its kind in the country is being located on Blackpool Promenade. It’s being unveiled on World Environment Day on 5 June 2019 to raise awareness about ocean pollution and help stop plastics getting into the sea.

Blackpool Supports BinForGreenSeas

The strikingly designed bin which is bright orange and lifebuoy shaped with the tagline ’Throw Marine Life a Lifeline’. It will be situated a few yards from the RNLI Blackpool Lifeboat Station at Central Promenade. The bin forms part of the BinForGreenSeas project, launched by the GreenSeas Trust charity.

The aim of the GreenSeas Trust project is to locate more of these special bins in the next six years in major coastal towns around the country to act as a visual trigger, to enable people to make the connection between rubbish thoughtlessly discarded on beaches and its harmful effect on all manner of marine life.

The GreenSeas Trust was founded in 2003 by Fazilette Khan, who only recently left the merchant navy.

Plastics all over the world

Fazilette said: “I have witnessed first-hand the growing problem of marine debris. It was shocking to revisit many once pristine places around the world and find them now strewn with marine plastics and other rubbish.

“I decided to try and find an innovative approach to help tackle this serious problem. I wanted to connect the dots between our daily habits and marine pollution. The bin is a receptacle for rubbish but its main purpose is to attract attention and educate people. They can find out more with the QR code and facts on the bin itself. We want people to associate the lifebuoy bin shape with saving marine life.

Blackpool chosen for the first bin

“I am delighted that Blackpool is the location for the first bin as it is visited by over 18m people each year and I understand how committed it is to environmental initiatives and keeping its beaches clean.”

Blackpool Council, Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Climate Change, Cllr Fred Jackson, commented: “We are delighted to be the first council in the country to use this innovative and eye-catching approach to raising awareness to help reduce the quantity of rubbish in our seas.

“While there is a growing concern about marine litter it is a fact that a major contributor to plastics being on beaches and in the sea is careless littering.

“We are pleased to have supported the GreenSeas Trust with this project as we are proud that Blackpool has consistently been recognised through Keep Britain Tidy Seaside Awards for the quality of our water and beaches.

Working together to clean up our shore

“That recognition has been achieved through the ongoing work that we undertake with partner organisations such as Keep Britain Tidy. Plus those who work so hard to protect and improve our beaches. From beach managers and volunteers to the local residents and businesses that have donated their time and energy. To the LOVEmyBEACH campaign and our wider fight against littering the Keep Blackpool Tidy Campaign.”

Fazilette worked in collaboration with the University of East London and two product design students to develop the striking bin design.

Approximately 450 drinks bottles worth of recycled PET plastics is being diverted from landfill and incineration to fabricate the bin.

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    Of course I’m sure the Blackpool Council will spread it along the promenade from North to South. In fact Blackpool is extremely unique not only in UK but worldwide, in the very short distance between litter bins. Not only that, also cigarette ends disposing Bins integrated in Litter Bins. Also the size of bins are really extremely large, and double sided so even in bank holidays still the bins looking perfect not overflowing. Viva Blackpool Forever, Love Where You Live…..

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