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2014 marks 100 years since the start of World War 1.

The First World War claimed 16 million lives and changed the world forever.

2014 marked 100 years since the First World War started. Between then and 2018 there will be things happening to mark this major event, commemorate the lives lost, and remember the dead who gave their lives so that we might live as we do today. Not just in the First World War but in all other wars since then.

We are all connected to the two great wars through our own families. They shaped the lives of your ancestors, your family and friends, and changed them forever, just as they shaped the political landscape and left scars on the ground itself.

We want to share your real stories.

In common with much that we publish here at Visit Fylde Coast, we'll be publishing pieces about you.

We want to know about the community events and projects. What are you doing to keep the memory of the First World War alive, as the people who were alive at the time are no longer here, to make their memories live on?

We want to know your story. The generation of that day from WWI no longer exist to share their experience. But you can share your experience. Todays generation of pensioners will have had parents and grandparents who lived through WW1.

Relatives would have been lost forever, lives changed by what we today can only imagine. Once todays older people are gone, their stories and memories will fade away, so we want to capture what bits we can in this section.

We want to see your photos. The portraits of soldiers are important. Young men who might or might not have returned from war - if they did they were probably changed forever. But the photos of the people who were left at home are equally important. The young women and how they coped with husbands away. What did they do if they were widowed, usually with lots of children to feed?

What war artefacts do you have? Through medals and ration books, army caps and War Pennies, we'll connect to the past.

All you have to do is email or ring 07932 143431

World War 1 Centenary


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