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The schools of the Fylde Coast play a huge part in the local community, as well as educating our young people

Here at Visit Fylde Coast we recognise the importance of education and always like to make links with schools and colleges

There's an important two-way relationship to be had. 

Young people can get involved in projects in their own local community, which teaches them lots of important life lessons.

The local community benefits too - from a fresh perspective, creativity and vital help to get things done. 

We are involved with lots of projects ourselves, and we also know lots of organisations all along the length and breadth of the Fylde.

If you'd like to make contact just get in touch.


Our local schools

Here at Visit Fylde Coast we work closely with our two local primary schools in Cleveleys. 

Northfold and Manor Beach are involved with beach cleaning and looking after Cleveleys town centre.

Find out more about primary schools in Cleveleys


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