The Decline of Fleetwood Docks

The Decline of Fleetwood Docks

What do you know about the decline of Fleetwood Docks? Have you got any knowledge, memories or photos from this sad time in the town’s history?

The Decline of Fleetwood Docks

Visit Fylde Coast has been contacted by Fleetwood born Anthony Cropper. He’s working on a film project with his colleague Eve Makis.

It’s a story set in Fleetwood around the time the docks closed and underwent redevelopment. Fleetwood went from have 11,000 people employed in fishing – now there’s just The Albion fishing from the port.

They have asked if anyone knows of any protests to the redevelopment or change, staged at the time.

  • Did people accept the loss of the fishing industry easily or was there a struggle?
  • Were there any ‘strikes’ or any other action around the time.
  • How did people react?

Anthony’s father was also a fisherman, so along with this project he has a great interest in the town.

Share your knowledge

If you’ve got any information could you share it with us? You can:

Obviously, we’re now curious as to the answer to this question. So if you do get in touch with Anthony could you please also share your story with Visit Fylde Coast too!

If you’re interested in local history, you might also be interested in these old Fleetwood photos.

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  1. My father was a fish merchant from post war up until late 1980’s and for a while President of the Fish Merchants Association. There were certainly articles in the Fleetwood Chronicle about this. I donated some information to Fleetwood Museum including some of his accounts. Maybe worth a look there.

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