New Organ Scholarship launched at The Blackpool Tower

New Organ Scholarship launched at The Blackpool Tower

A new Organ Scholarship launched at The Blackpool Tower sees the North West poised to become Britain’s new centre for teaching young organists. A leading Liverpool school has launched their new organ scholarship with an event at the world famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

Liverpool Blue Coat School’s top teenage organists, Daniel Greenway and Simon Cheung, both 17, put dancers in a spin when they waltzed into the North’s premier resort playing the mighty Wurlitzer.

New Organ Scholarship launched at The Blackpool Tower

Daniel and Simon are the faces of the “Blue Coat For All campaign”, supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund. It’s aimed at restoring the school’s historic Father Willis pipe organ, launching the Blue Coat Organ Scholarship, together with a community outreach programme.

The Blue Coat Organ Scholarship, sponsored by the YOST (the Young Organ Scholars’ Trust), aims to create a new generation of organ players and hopes to also encourage more females to become organists. It is a known fact that this great English tradition of music is dying out.

Daniel said: “Many young people won’t have heard organ music outside of churches. To hear the organ used for entertainment and to accompany dance in a ‘fun’ environment like The Blackpool Tower Ballroom will encourage a younger generation to reconsider the capabilities of this amazing instrument.”

Simon added: “I’m very excited to play on the Tower Ballroom Wurlitzer as it’s so unique in a magnificent setting. It’s a great privilege to showcase the amazing variety of opportunities for young people who will taking part in the new Blue Coat Organ Scholarship.”

New Organ Scholarship launched at The Blackpool Tower
Simon Cheung and Daniel Greenway both 17, from The Blue Coat School in Liverpool. Picture Jason Roberts

Mike Pennington, Liverpool Blue Coat School Headteacher, said: “Blue Coat School is dedicated to promoting the best educational values to the widest possible public. What could be better than two of our top music students playing The Wurlitzer and entertaining hundreds of dancers and holidaymakers seeing the new Organ Scholarship launched at The Blackpool Tower.”

A Magical Experience

Carol Twinklefingers is a female organist who regularly plays at The Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

She said: “Playing in the world’s most famous Tower Ballroom and on the world-famous Wurlitzer is just like Cinderella meeting Prince Charming at the ball. It is such a magical experience.

“The first song I ever played was “Top of The World” and that’s just how I felt. And being a female organist in a male dominated world makes it so much more special.

“This new scholarship is a fantastic initiative and something I support 100%. It will be wonderful to hopefully see more female organists coming through.”

The Liverpool Blue Coat School is a co-educational non-fee paying selective state grammar school in Wavertree, Liverpool, founded in 1708. In 2017 Blue Coat was named The Sunday Times Top State School in North West England. In 2016 it was ranked as the best school in the country based on GCSE results.

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