737 Flight Simulator Coming Soon to Blackpool Airport

737 Flight Simulator Coming Soon to Blackpool Airport

Have you ever wanted to pilot an airliner? Now you can with a 737 Flight Simulator coming soon to Blackpool Airport.

737 Flight Simulator Coming Soon to Blackpool Airport

The North West’s latest advanced flight simulator experience is coming soon to Blackpool Airport.

Gift vouchers are now available www.737Pro.com for a state-of-the-art simulator that is based on a B737-800NG model, the world’s leading twin-engine passenger aircraft, and it’s just like piloting the real thing. Enthusiasts can take control in the captain’s seat for the full experience of take-off, in flight cruising and landing at international airports of their choice. A qualified pilot will be on hand throughout to guide customers through the full flight experience.

737 Flight Simulator Coming Soon to Blackpool Airport
737 Flight Simulator Coming Soon to Blackpool Airport

A variety of bespoke packages are available, from individual flight experiences of 30 minutes to full day group bookings. The simulator’s passenger cabin can accommodate other members of your flight party and accompanying family and friends can be involved in the full experience with a clear view of what is going on in the flight deck.

The brain child behind the simulator is commercial pilot Daniel May. Previously a multi-media developer and teacher, he has been working in partnership with Westair to bring the attraction to Blackpool Airport. The simulator has taken 2 years to develop. The new venture will bring several additional year round jobs to the airport and employment will grow again when the business expands further into commercial pilot training. Daniel chose Westair as the ideal business partner to launch the simulator, as it is a well-established business with a long history at Blackpool Airport and significant expertise in the aviation sector.

Daniel May said, “Blackpool Airport was the perfect choice for the launch of the 737Pro. Not only is Blackpool known worldwide for its excellent visitor attractions, Westair runs a successful flying school and has a long and established relationship with Blackpool Airport, making Hangar 8 the ideal location for launching the new simulator.

As close to the real thing as possible

“Westair has been extremely supportive and we have been working in close collaboration to ensure that the experience is as close to the real thing as possible.  We have made sure that every button and dial is fully functional, just as it would be in a real 737 flight deck.”

737 Flight Simulator Coming Soon to Blackpool Airport
737 Flight Simulator Coming Soon to Blackpool Airport

John Westoby from Westair said, “We are launching the 737Pro simulator to the tourist market as there is nothing like this anywhere locally. The visual effects make it very realistic and our team of experienced staff and instructors will guide customers through all aspects of the journey, whether they have flown before or are a complete novice. Future plans include team building courses and with the correct accreditation in place, we can provide multi-crew courses and supplementary courses for our flying school training packages, for both private and commercial pilots looking to gain experience.”

John Westoby continues, “Final preparations and quality testing are being made currently to the simulator to ensure a seamless, unique and fun experience all round. A dedicated team of operators and support staff are also undergoing vigorous training ahead of the January opening date.”

Fun gift packages will start from just £80 for 30 minutes and Christmas gift vouchers are now available.   The first flight simulator bookings will start from 2nd January 2019.

Cllr Mark Smith, Blackpool Councillor and Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Enterprise and Economic Development said, “It’s really important to see new enterprises like this take off at the airport and to support them wherever possible. Blackpool Airport is very much open for business and it’s great to see how businesses at the airport are diversifying, embracing new technologies and encouraging a wide variety of visitors, not just from the world of aviation, but people who never thought they could have a fun day out at a working airport. I will certainly be looking to try my hand behind the control panel in February!”

The Technical Bit

The simulator structure is made from a combination of steel and aluminium, giving it an extremely rigid and realistic feel. The internal sidewalls and ceiling liners are coated in fibreglass rather than moulded from a template, making it feel and sound far less ‘hollow’ than other simulators on the market. The windows are constructed from high-grade tempered glass and coated with an anti-glare finish.

The interfacing hardware within the simulator is a combination of highly realistic ‘drop-in’ units from CP Flight/Flight Deck Solutions/Flight Illusion. The main instrument panel is of a metal/fibreglass construction with milled alloy screen frames, high definition monitors, analogue stand-by instruments and chronometers, ‘push test’ annunciators, warm white backlighting and duel rotary encoders.

The MCP (Mode Control Panel) has electromagnetic disengage Auto Throttle ARM capacity and all the controller buttons are realistic to the touch.


  • Dual linked yokes with electronic stab trim
  • R/T buttons
  • Clipboards and realistic loading
  • Accurate feedback/recentering on the tiller wheel and rudder pedals

Centre Pedestal:

  • Two independent systems for captain and the first officer
  • COMM / NAV / ADF / ATC
  • Actuated fire handles for each engine, the APU and cargo area
  • Digital readout for rudder trim and full dim-control on the back lighting.

Fwd/Aft Overheads

  • Fully operational with backlit analogue gauges and push in/return to centre engine start switches

Virtual System

  • 220 degree, 29ft long by 8ft tall wraparound screen with full HD projection system

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