Fylde Coast Looking For...

Fylde Coast Looking For...

Fylde Coast Looking For is a new page where we’re helping you to look for answers to your questions!

Here at Visit Fylde Coast we get queries most days from people trying to find out all kinds of things. From memories of their past to current information. Over the years we’ve found out all kinds of things. We’ve researched Saucy Seaside Postcards, reunited people, pets and objects, and learned all kinds of local folklore.

To make your questions and answers easier to keep track of, we’ll publish them here. With the most recent ‘Fylde Coast Looking For’ at the top, in no other particular order.

It’s an interesting read, if nothing else for the diversity of questions that people ask!

23.1.19 – Fylde Coast Looking For – Motor Cycle Club Members

Victor is looking for members of Motorcycle Clubs from the Fylde Coast. He left the below message on this page about Vintage Motorcycle Clubs

“This year is the 60th year of the 59 club with an event taking place at St Paul’s at 5pm in London on the 4 May 2019.

“Now I am compiling a list of as many cafes as I can find around London during the 1960’s. In addition to this I am adding a list of as many Motorcycle Clubs as I can find, again from the 1960’s.

“I’ve been a member of the 59 club since 1966 and we used to visit a club in Fleetwood called the 64 Club in the church army youth centre. So I am after information about the club, such as when it started and when it closed. Any help or direction pointers would be greatly appreciated.

If any one from your club wishes to attend on 4 May then please contact the 59 club direct.”

12.1.19 – Fylde Coast Looking For – Metal Detectorists

Jonathan left this comment on this page about metal detecting, looking for any other people who share the same hobby. It’s not something we’ve come across, do you know any groups?

“Hi I am new to detecting and I am looking at places in and around Blackpool. I have a Garrett 300i. I don’t know many people around Blackpool as I am from near Liverpool but have lived up here for 3 years now. Any tips or advice would be a great deal of help. Your story is really interesting. I am interested in history and am excited and very much interested to learn more.”

11.1.19 – Fylde Coast Looking For – Pigeon Statues

Carl sent this message: “Hello from the USA. We are in search of the people that make or supply racing pigeons statues from the NATURAL STAND. Someone said it may be DEAN PALLETS who is an agent for them. We don’t know if it’s true but desperately wanting to talk to someone concerning PIGEON STATUES for sale….. Please forward or contact us with any news or info on this subject…..Thank you in advance….”

More about Blackpool Pigeon Show

9.1.19 – Fylde Coast Looking For – Queen’s Bar, Cleveleys

Ron emailed us with the following question:

“I am trying to find out about the Queen’s bar which was a dance hall in the 60’s and anything about groups like The Rocking Vicars and Dean Hunter & the Trackers.”

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