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Free Literature

We produce all kinds of leaflets and posters that you can have without charge to spread the website word!

We are The Rabbit Patch and we publish all of the Visit Fylde Coast websites.

We want to share them with anyone and everyone, and to promote them you have hopefully seen posters, leaflets and postcards around and about, in schools, community buildings and in local shops.

We produce generic 'Visit Fylde Coast' literature along with leaflets and postcards for each individual website which promotes each individual place

Would you like some of this literature to share among your family, friends, customers, and community group members?

In your local libraries in Fleetwood, Cleveleys, Poulton and Thornton you can pick up a local bookmark - an ideal way to mark your place, if you've got a thing about the Fylde Coast.

Business Users

If you’ve got any kind of business which is connected to tourism and visitors to the Fylde Coast the sites would help you to encourage people to come back to the coast and spend their money with you – get them hooked on the websites when they go home and they may never go elsewhere on holiday again!

So put up a poster, put leaflets in your bedroom browsers, send a postcard (or a weblink) to people when they book their next holiday.

Get your visitors to sign up to our weekly email newsletter.

Community Groups

If you are involved with a community group we would love to include information about your group on this website.

We can share your news and events and shout out your requests. 

All you need to do is get in touch.

You are welcome to leaflets and postcards to hand out among your members and the public - which in turn will help you to spread the word about what your group is doing too.

Use the 'We're On' Logos

If there's information about your group or business on our websites we'd love you to use our logo, then people will know where to find you and that you're associated with us!

You can download the logo from this page and save a copy on your computer. Use the logo on your literature and on your website, linked back to the website. We always like links!

Special Requests

If you would like a different/bigger format of logo, or an electronic file of a poster or leaflet please get in touch.

If you would like some literature for your business just get in touch and we’ll drop some off with you.


Bookmarks for Visit Fylde Coast WebsitesBookmarks 

Visit Fylde Coast promotional materialLeaflets

Logos to Download

We're On Visit Fylde Coast logo

We're on Live Blackpool logo

We're on Visit Cleveleys logo

We're on Visit Fleetwood logo

We're on Visit Poulton logo

We're on Visit Lytham logo

We're on Visit St Annes logo


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