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Starting the Goal-den Girls 10k run
Starting the Goal-den Girls 10k run 

Goal-den Girls

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Goal-den Girls Ready to Run!

Tricia Ellis and the Fylde Coast Goal-den Girls are ready to run the Edinburgh Marathon on 27 May.

The Goal-den Girls training is now complete and they are just tapering for the last few weeks and resting as much as possible, in the final 2 weeks it is a case of trying to avoid any injury and keeping away from sneezes and coughs!!!

They have had a great time during their training and recently four of the Goal-den Girls visited the Olympic Park and ran the 5 miles into the Olympic Stadium which they said was a "faboulous feeling". Sky Sports came and filmed them all on Blackpool Promenade and will be following them around the marathon course, as they have been recognised by the Edinburgh Marathon organisers as an Inspirationl story.

Their fund raising efforts have been successful and have already reached £14,000 and that's before they have even run!! After their Celebration Ball on Friday 1st June at Bloomfield Road, and personal sponsorship has been collected they hope to have reached over £20,000 for local causes.

If anyone would like to sponsor them then please go to "Goalden Girls -

I'm sure everyone will join the Coastwatch Institute at Rossall Point, who they are sponsoring, in wishing them 'GOOD LUCK' for their big run!

The first Goal-den Girls 10k

On the 25th March they hosted the Goal-den Girls 10k on the Promenade at Blackpool. This was an all women run for all ages from 15 onwards. It was a huge success and will now be part of the Blackpool running calendar. The sponsor for this event was Michael Hyman of Leonard Dews Jewellers.

More about the Goal-den Girls:

Tricia Ellis has been running for 28 years and trained as a UK Athletics Coach and has organised running clubs for the last ten years. ‘Retirement’ seemed like the wrong thing to do so she decided to train for a marathon. She put an advert in the Blackpool Gazette to train a group of women all over 50 who have never run before to train for a marathon in 2012 the year of the Olympics – the response was amazing and that’s how the Goal-den Girls were born!

They are the only all woman running group in their 50+ age group in the UK – quite an accolade for the Fylde Coast – with three team members from Poulton, and others from around the coast including Blackpool, Fleetwood and Cleveleys. Over the following months we'll be finding out much more about them as they train for the Edinburgh Marathon in 2012. We'll be hearing about their trials and tribulations, and the fun they have in their training.

It’s already been a roller coaster year, and the Goal-den Girls have been awarded an Inspire Mark which was awarded to them by the Olympics’ Committee, which is Chaired by Seb Coe. As part of thier award they were invited to the Olympic Stadium. Tricia is thrilled to have been nominated as a Torch Bearer when the Olympic Torch comes to our coast this year. We find out any time now the actual route of the torch and Tricia finds out in December whether she has been selected. Either way, the Goal-den Girls will certainly be cheering the Torch Bearers on their way!

Incredibly, the group are training at least 3 to 4 times a week, and so far have already had the experience of a lifetime. When Edinburgh heard that they had chosen Edinburgh to run their marathon they were thrilled and the Daily Record newspaper invited Tricia and 2 other members of the group for a make over day, photo shoot and interviews.

Not only are they training for a marathon they are also raising funds for local causes in Blackpool, which include, North West Air Ambulance, Hint of Pink, Clifton Dialysis Unit, Young Carers and National Coastwatch.

The Goal-den Girls legacy to continue running, and after a few months of reducing their mileage they are intending to step it up again and train to run the New York Marathon in 2014! At home and on a more accessible level, they are planning to launch a Goal-den Girls 10k run for the Fylde Coast which will be an all female run for ladies of all ages.

So watch this space, as we follow the girls in the coming months!

The members of the National Coastwatch Institution at Rossall Point, were excited to learn they were chosen by The Goal-den Girls, to receive a donation following the ‘’girls’’ fund raising exploits at next year’s Edinburgh Marathon, in April 2012.

The girls have already had the experience of a lifetime. They ran the Blackpool Illumathon in September 2011 as a team, and went to Liverpool and were showcased at the North West Annual London 2012 Conference – where a short film was made of them training. Two of the girls were invited to Glasgow by one of the Scottish daily papers to do an interview with a full make-over included free of charge – and the paper paid for their transport and the day out.

Together with the training and challenge of the marathon they have committed to fund raising in support of local causes and are hoping to raise in the region of £30,000, the National Coastwatch Institution being one of the chosen charities. Over the coming months, leading up to the 2012 Edinburgh Marathon, the team plan to hold numerous fund raising events to assist in their challenge.

Their first event, a BBQ, held in Thornton, was a huge success, with around 100 people attending. Sid Little was auctioneer for the day and a number of other members from Coastwatch attended. A jolly good afternoon it was too ! You can see photos from the event at this link


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