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Ways to Make New Friends

If you’re new to the area, recently bereaved, fresh out of work, or face a change in your circumstances and find yourself at a loose end, here are some ideas to get you going again!

We all go through phases in our lives, where our circumstances change and you suddenly find yourself with a slightly different lifestyle.

You might be newly out of work, or isolated through looking after someone, recently bereaved or just bored and wanting a fresh challenge.

Fortunately, here on the Fylde Coast there are a dozen and more ways for you to make new friends and find something to do which interests you and that you can get absorbed in.

Here’s a week’s worth of suggestions to work your way through:

Monday: Volunteering

You’ll find more about this in the Volunteering article in this section, but ‘volunteering’ is a rewarding way to do something that makes you feel worthwhile and valued. It might be a couple of hours a week in a charity shop, or helping at a local school, at the hospital or hospice, or with environmental projects. Volunteering tends to be the more regular way to spend your spare time, and there are hundreds of things that you could do, with organisations all over the coast who rely on people just like you to function.

Tuesday: Try the Library

Your local library is a hot-spot for what’s happening locally and many different activities. They’re vibrant and welcoming places today, where you can enjoy all kinds of regular sessions including reading groups but also craft sessions, visiting authors and more besides. The staff always have their ear to the ground and know what’s happening locally, so if you haven’t been in a library for some time it’s well worth a look. There are library sections on these sites with lists of current events to try.

Wednesday: Pursue your own Hobby

Most people have an interest in something, whether it’s arts and crafts, gardening, the environment etc. Here on the Fylde Coast there are more community groups than you can shake a stick at, for just about every subject that you could care to name. You can generally start your interest with no need for commitment, just turn up and see what you think. Joining a community group is a good way to make friends and find something to hold your interest, and can be a route to more involved volunteering or maybe back into work.

Thursday: Learn Something New

There are many adult learning opportunities at our local colleges, so if you want to learn something new and maybe get a qualification at the end of it, this is always a good way to meet different people and make new friends.

Friday: Get Fit

If you’re feeling a bit flabby or unfit, you could take up some form of exercise to get yourself going again. It could be a weekly class at a local sports centre to motivate you, or maybe you fancy something at a community centre – apparently Zumba is very good! Or if this all sounds a bit too hard core for a beginner, wrap up warm and get some solid shoes on and go for a walk. It’s surprising how many people you can get talking to while you’re out and about, especially dog walkers who are always up for a chat.

Saturday: Look for New Contacts

Check out the small ads in magazines and the local press, you can often find columns where people are looking for pen friends, someone to spend time with or maybe a romantic liaison!

Sunday: Start a Friendship Group

If you’re more interested in just making social friends to share a coffee or a shopping trip you could always try starting your own little group. Put a card in a local shop window and spread the word where you live – maybe push some notes through neighbours letter boxes who you think might be interested. Start by meeting in a public place until you get a measure of your new acquaintances, and then take it from there.

Through these websites, we try to provide information about what’s happening locally and things that you can get involved with. There’s a ‘Community’ Section on each site and of course the Events Calendar where you’ll find dates and what’s on. Good luck!


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