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Trouble at M&S

News yesterday that M&S are closing some stores - which prompted a walk down the high street of yesteryear

But first.... Off we were again with the dreaded foam yesterday, although the wind is strong and it’s over a 9’ tide so the two together have got to spell foam!

Sea foam at Cleveleys

Lots of elbow grease is needed to get it off when the wind drops, I hate the mucky stuff. It looked like a blizzard yesterday morning it was coming so thick and fast, although with the tide on the turn and the sun out it warmed the rooms up nicely. It does look pretty to look at, but my, the cleaning it creates!

News from Marks and Spencer

I thought I would ask if anyone knew about the news that M&S are closing stores again all over England, if you are interested here are some of them.

Chrissie in M&S at Freeport

In April, the ones marked for the chop are Bournemouth, Birkenhead, Durham, Swansea, Putney and Redditch.

Others that are earmarked are Andover, Basildon, Bridlington, Denton, Falmouth, Fareham, Keighley and Stockport.

I can’t say that I’m surprised myself as we keep saying that they need a new buyer for their fashion parts of the shops as we keep saying, along with friends who say the same, that the fashions are getting by and large dire, to say the least. They just don’t seem to hit the target, are they catering for ancient or very young or what are they doing?!

Local lack of fashion

Last time we went to Blackpool a couple of weeks ago for my birthday, Jane and I commented on how awful a lot of the styles, patterns and colours were.

M&S on Church Street in Blackpool

You could walk round the shop and say, ‘that will be in the sale and that etc’ so it comes as no surprise that the buyers don’t seem to be able to ‘hit the spot’ any more and seem to have lost their way. That of course is my opinion but my hubby and a friend’s hubby have both said that it’s not worth trailing up to the men’s as the clothes are more fitting for 'old men' in the true sense of the word.

Now hubby dear is, I suppose, classed as an 'old man' due to his age, but certainly not with the clothes he wears, not by a long way, so just what men’s age group are they appealing to I wonder?

It just seems a shame that such a great household name is going down the pan as it were, and having to close shops causing misery for a lot of people who work there, don’t you think. But at least their food shops are doing very well. I wouldn’t like to think that Cleveleys was closing as I use it a lot and going by how busy it usually is it must be doing OK, I hope anyway!

Victoria Road West Cleveleys, with M&S Food

Memory Lane

I must say that it caused a right conversation in our house at lunch time yesterday as we started reminiscing about the shops that have closed over the years that were household names.

The first ones we said were Woolworths, Littlewoods and BHS although at least they are selling online now. I’m glad of that as I think they did sell some good things and they seem to be selling the same goods that were in the shops, so any BHS fans can still shop with them if they know how to online.

Blockbuster Video’s, MFI, Great Mills the DIY stores, Binns - like the one that used to be in Blackpool, Smiths Do-It-All - yet another DIY shop and on the list goes.

The Sweater shop, John Collier the tailors which made us all start singing ‘the window to watch’ from the TV advert can you remember that one? Lewis’, Netto, Kwik Save, Office World, Richard Shops from the good old days where it was deemed as a bit ’posh’ back in the day as the prices always seemed dearer than Chelsea Girl and all the other similar shops (and of course Chelsea Girl became River Island).

The glory days as people wandered about with the 'Sweater Shop' logo written all over their jumpers as it was just beginning the craze of wearing brand names on clothes to show that you could afford to buy them. While meanwhile advertising the companies themselves, they weren’t daft were they!

I could go on for ages, but as we talked we had a good old walk down memory lane. C&A who had some quite ‘trendy’ things at the time in their hey day and their knickers were so good and lasted ages, better than some you get today.

Chelsea Girl where Jane as a young teenager would like to go and buy things with her friends on a Saturday afternoon while I was walking round saying that the clothes looked cheaply made and were expensive, much to the annoyance of said daughter! It’s amazing how old memories come back when you start discussing them as we all were chipping in with who had closed and who had survived and awakening things long forgotten.

Saturday Jobs

There was Jackson’s the tailors, where hubby had a Saturday job to help pay for things while he was at college for four years. Jane and her Saturday job that she had in British Home Stores as they were then, while in the sixth form at school. We encouraged her to do it to teach her the value of earning her own money, which she still talks about to this day with fond memories. She loved that little job and has always said that it taught her a lot about people and life (and folding towels) while she worked there.

It’s a shame that the High Street is slowly vanishing as online shopping becomes the norm, but when you are used to shopping online, it’s so easy to say ‘I’ll put the computer on and buy it on line’ rather than have to trudge for hours round shops which probably won’t have what you want in stock. So really, the High Street names need to get their thinking caps on and come up with ways to draw customers back into their shops, but somehow I’ll not be holding my breath, what do you think?

Care for Cleveleys

It's this marching demise of the high street that's spurring the Cleveleys Coastal Community Team (CCT) on. You probably know that they've got a central government grant, and they're working with Wyre Council to breathe life back into the town centre. You can read about the Coastal Community Team and what they're doing here.

Retail is changing, that much is for sure. The CCT are trying to make Cleveleys 'better than average' so why don't you join in and help?

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Published: 1st February 2018
Modified: 1st February 2018