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Lost and Found

One of the seafront noticeboards falls casualty to Storm Eleanor

But first, after the week we've had I'll start with my customary comment on the weather.

At last the wind has dropped and yesterday afternoon it was raining again, but hey we are in for another dose of high winds so here we go again. I can’t see through the front windows from the foam, but as I keep saying if you live on the sea front you have to be prepared for the bad with the good. I’m hoping that eventually when it’s all stopped Kevin will get cracking with the jet wash!

It’s going to be freezing at the weekend as well, although Jane and I went to Cleveleys on Wednesday and it was enough to freeze you then. We saw some friends and all looked as though we were crying with the tears on our faces from the wind, thank goodness for warm coats.

Chrissie in a Balaclava...

I keep thinking I ought to get a balaclava as my face is always cold when it is cold.

Notice anyone strange today?

Can you imagine the scenario, ‘here comes Chrissie to hold up Home Bargains, we know who you are never mind the disguise!’ I don’t fancy being carted away in a police van somehow!

Lost and Found

We had a bit of a drama on Wednesday night when Jane read a post on Facebook from a lady who had thoughtfully contacted her to say that one of the sea front boards we have provided had got blown off its metal stand.

Rossall Beach Board 1

The first I knew about it was when she suddenly shouted last night ‘OH no’ so strongly and with such alarm in her voice that I honestly thought someone had died! I was busy watching the soaps so carried on knowing that eventually she would tell me what bad news had come and I didn’t have long to wait.

'Thank goodness it wasn’t a death' I thought, although she was upset to hear that one of the boards had gone for a swim or something, as it wasn’t where it should be on its frame on the sea front.

Rossall Beach information board

We have done our best to stop the blooming sign boards from blowing off in the past, although that particular one was also dislodged in the very bad storms two or three years ago when the road was flooded. It was found and refitted, but had sustained a bit of ‘edge’ damage and was a bit scratched. So Jane sat there moaning and groaning at ‘here we go again’ syndrome.

Fearing the worst, she messaged the lady who we think lives in the Carr Gate area and had found it on the steps to the beach when she took her dog for a walk. When she got the reply and found out where it was, the one that should be in front of the Venue car park, she collared Kevin who had just come into the living room with an appealing face that would melt stone!

He looked as if to say ‘now what’ having seen that face many times before, her best wheedling face that is, so when she told him and sort of asked tongue in cheek if he would go and look for it, I was curling my toes up as it was such a filthy night.

It was blowing a gale, and I mean a gale, raining and very cold, but the dear knight on his white charger set off to find the dratted board that seemed to prefer a dunk in the sea instead of staying put on the prom!

He’d not been gone long when the phone rang and it was Kevin telling Jane that he couldn’t find it, she could hardly hear him as the wind was so ferocious but eventually she told him it was near to a red number 130 on the wall, so off he went with his torch into the dark again.

By this time he had a passer by helping him to find it, although I don’t think I would have been on the prom in the dark in such bad weather, but anyway, he kindly joined in the search.

Kevin had been tramping about on the beach, looking on the prom, everywhere but it turned out that if he had turned right on the beach in the first place, he would have found it straight away. Luckily he had taken his fold up trolley because the boards weigh a ton and wet through I dread to think what they would have weighed, so eventually he made it back home with his looty.

Apparently some more damage had been done to the edges, but it is useable. Last time it happened was in 2014 and the actual frame broke and took the board with it. his is how it came back to us with the frame still attached -

Wildlife board when it came back after initial storm damage

It had been tumbled in the rough seas the first time, so we expected it to have been washed away into the sea again and if it had been left for another tide it might have been. It was lucky that kind lady told Jane or it could have gone forever and they are expensive to replace!

I think he deserved a medal going out into such a rotten night which he said was absolutely freezing, but by yesterday morning it was possible it could have vanished altogether. So again, well done Kevin for rescuing us once again!

Punchline to this story

I don't know whether this particular board will be replaced straight away, or whether it's going back in a different position. The Rossall Beach Group got funding last year for some more boards with some different information on them, so it will take you ages to walk along the seafront and read them all!

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Published: 5th January 2018
Modified: 5th January 2018