Yates is Rising from the Ashes

Yates is Rising from the Ashes

I see that Yates is rising from the ashes and there’s some movement on the former site, at last. It doesn’t seem long since Yates Wine Lodge was burnt down, and it was nine years ago. My goodness, if the next nine years go as quickly and the new research is right, which suggests that women clap their clogs at 82 and men 79, I’d better get cracking on making the rest count! Actually I think 100 is a nice round figure, or maybe more, was that Jane groaning in the background!!

Yates is Rising from the Ashes

Anyway, The new hotel which will fill the gap is at last showing signs of being built. Planning permission for the 150 bedroom Premier Inn  was passed in 2015 so it’s a good job they are getting cracking because if commercial planning consent is like domestic, you’ve got three years to build before it expires. These photos were taken in July, when the site was being cleared.

Yates rising from the ashes Yates rising from the ashes Yates rising from the ashes

The Lancashire based construction company that are building it hope it will be completed in early 2020. It is hoped that new jobs will be created for people with the completion of the hotel, which can only be good for local people. The council hope that with the new tram line going up Talbot Road it will encourage other investors to improve the surrounding areas and buildings.

I can see the point in that as, in my opinion, the whole area around Talbot Road onto Dickson Road is, shall we say, rather seedy. When we’ve gone to Sainsbury’s there is quite a lot to see to make you open your eyes wider (if you get me) around that area, and every time we go we comment about how it’s not exactly a desirable place to be. I just hope that what’s around the Talbot Road and Yates site doesn’t put people off from staying there when they see what’s around them.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

I personally think it’s great that Blackpool has so many great projects on the go which can only make the area better and as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sadly there are other grot spots in Blackpool that desperately need something doing with them, and I know that can’t be done overnight even if Yates is rising from the ashes.

What the solution is I don’t know, but to be fair, Blackpool Council are certainly making their mark all over the place with new projects. I just hope they turn their attention to all these grot spots which would put anyone off from going to an area that is shall we say, run down and seedy. It would be awful if, after all this regeneration, they did carry on giving Blackpool the name of ‘tacky’.

I love Blackpool and would love to see it lose it’s awful reputation that it gets from people who probably haven’t even been to the place. It’s not all Kiss me Quick hats, stag parties and generally all the things that people label it.

Sadly the last time I went to the town to shop, the druggies, beggars and people shouting their heads off in the street were back, which is off putting to me and I live here, so let’s hope the council carry on in their efforts to stop all this madness! Having said that, I know that these problems are rife in town centres all over the country, and some places are far, far worse than Blackpool.

Chatter from Chrissie Towers

Changing the subject entirely, with a bit of chit-chat from our house.

The wind was back again yesterday, and dirty sandy windows with it too. I wish they would stop letting hurricanes and things coming over here, don’t you. OK, I know I am being stupid, again, but it just seems to be on and on and on, at least where I live.

Change of venue for Cleveleys Market

The market had assembled on Derby Road car park yesterday, at the back of the British Legion. After a lot of false information from the council HQ, first one place, then another, it seems they want it there for the rest of the experiment.

Cleveleys market at Derby Road
Cleveleys market at Derby Road

Jane popped there after seeing a client in Cleveleys, but it was only 10am so she didn’t expect all that much action. Apparently it had done OK in that location, and the people in the markets department at Wyre are working really hard to make it a success.

Then Jane went to the press release of the Wizard of OZ yesterday afternoon at the Winter Gardens. We all tried to get her to go in some bright red shoes that she has, but no, she came all over shy. Yes it is possible, she can be shy when she wants, but the Wizard of Oz has always been a favourite of Jane’s since she was small.

I’ve lost count of the number of times we have watched it and the sequel that they made, but nothing seems to compare the vivid colours of the original. When you think when it was made, the film version has such wonderful sets and the colours are fantastic. I just hope she doesn’t come back thinking she is Dorothy, after all we’ve got the howling wind here! Maybe she’ll bring a Munchkin back, nothing would surprise me with our daughter. After tea it was the Rossall Beach Group so I was ready with the gas and air when she did finally land. Let’s just say it was quiet all day without her!

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