Winter Gardens Conference Centre is Growing!

Winter Gardens Conference Centre is Growing!

Today’s blog is about a trip to the Zoo, and how the new Winter Gardens Conference Centre is growing quickly on its building site.

Before that, I can’t believe it’s the fifth of September, where has the year gone. Each month when I turn my eternal calendar over, it seems to go quicker and quicker, I’m still somewhere in June in my mind, or is that just wishful thinking. I can’t say I’m fond of the dark nights and mornings, which also seem to be galloping in so fast. Still, it is what it is, so onwards and upwards when the calendar keeps rolling round! It was a lovely day yesterday here on the seafront, with lots of sunshine. Being off work we went out for the afternoon on Tuesday, and on Wednesday Derek, Jane and Kevin went to the zoo without me, sob sob, as I was in a lot of pain and wouldn’t do all the walking. I’m not bothered though, and my dogs were ecstatic that ‘mummy’ was at home with them, although they are very good when I leave them and settle down straight away for a bit of shut eye.

We’re going to the Zoo

Kevin and Derek have been wanting to go to the zoo, maybe looking for lost ancestors in the ape house, who knows. I still haven’t found out why they wanted to go so much but I expect there will be a million photos to look at!

Winter Gardens Conference Centre is growing, plus a visit to the Zoo
Visit to Blackpool Zoo

Jane has always been and always will be, animal mad, which she gets from me as I was always the same and still am. So she enjoyed it as I would have, but never mind. I enjoyed going out on Tuesday though, so it’s another day today, when I can go somewhere.

The Winter Gardens Conference Centre is growing

Changing the subject entirely, while we were out on Tuesday I saw the steel construction that’s going up for the new conference centre in Blackpool against the Winter Gardens.

My, have they cracked on with that, which I suppose is a good thing as they are lobbying hard to get the political parties to come back with their conferences. It does look to be a huge building looking at it in skeletal form, which when it’s costing £25 million it should be.

The photo at the top of this page was taken on 28 August, and there’s already more steelwork than this in place on site. You can see day by day that the Winter Gardens Conference Centre is growing out of the ground. It’s very interesting to see a new building taking shape.

They’re also building a secure hotel on the site, which is a must I suppose for such high level conferences. I suppose a conference centre wouldn’t be very attractive without accommodation for delegates. The sting in the tail is that such party conferences are booked ages in advance because of the security and sorting out accommodation that is secure, which is right and proper after all the security scares and the Brighton bombing.

Bringing conferences back

A councillor has had a meeting with Brandon Lewis the conservative party chairman and Mr Lewis apparently did say that Blackpool was on the radar. I don’t know what you think but with secure access to both a conference centre and a hotel, I bet it does better than some places.

The councillor is anxious about getting the hotel complex done and built and still be part of the overall plan. The new conference centre is due to be opened next year and will bring the total capacity of the Winter Gardens to 7,000 people. Now to me that is a lot of people don’t you think? Wow. I’m glad I’m not organising anything for that aren’t you!

Planning permission is in place for the hotel to have an ‘elevated corridor’ (I suppose we’d call it a bridge) to the conference centre which makes sense. That’s not quite like having to go outside the centre to your hotel where you could be attacked by some nut case, which seems to be the latest form of having your say.

Anything that will bring people to Blackpool to get it on the map as a resort to be proud of is OK by me. With all the building work that is going on it looks like the town is starting to look worthy of higher level things, and is becoming a better resort for people to enjoy.

I must stop now as my fingers and thumbs are starting to think they belong to someone else so until the next time, bye bye!

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    Great Insight I want to ask how the new Winter Gardens Conference Centre is growing quickly on its building site.

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