When are we Moving?

When are we Moving?

Wasn’t it foggy the other day. For a minute I thought my cataracts had taken a turn for the worse and was on the point of ringing the opticians. Then I realised that it was thick, icy fog. It was cold too. I went to feed our resident gull and, as we leave a big dish of water out for all the birds, I thought I’d better get the pickaxe out and break the ice on it. There I was banging away with a knife trying to smash the ice that must have been ten feet thick, well it was thick anyway. I banged and bashed with all the birds looking at me as though I had lost my marbles, banging away at their water dish for all I was worth. Eventually I did get through it, although by this time I was shivering away as it was so cold. I just hope they said thank you when I’d finished. Two hours later I went out onto the backs with the dogs and would you know it had frozen solid again. The things I do for those birds! I pick axed my way through it again and were they glad of a drink, you bet they were.

Icy Weather

Jane and Derek went out early doors to St. Anne’s to an assisted living place that we’re doing some work for, called Links View. I looked out of the window and thought to myself ‘I hope they are careful in all this fog’ knowing that if I went on and on I would be accused of nattering. Well isn’t that what wives and mothers are supposed to do? I did manage a feeble ‘be careful in that fog and on those icy roads’ without getting too much aggro, so off they went leaving a very quiet house. Kevin was in the office working, so when they came back it was to me putting the dinner out, so they timed that well didn’t they!

Derek walked in laden with camera stuff and he hadn’t got over the doorstep when he said ‘when are we moving there’. Leaving me wondering what on earth he’d done now. Surely he hadn’t booked us in for a lifetime stay there I thought. ‘He’d better not have or else’ was what I thought with all these images of us two sat in a great high back plastic chair which smelled of urine! Eventually they came in and got their clobber off and into ‘comfy’ clothes so off we trooped upstairs to have our lunch. Out came the story of how wonderful and how big the place was. It’s not a nursing home or anything like that, it’s what I suppose you call assisted living where you have your own flat but there are communal facilities. A couple of flats are for sale while most of them are rented. Which means you can sell your house and live the life of riley on the proceeds!

When are we Moving?

By this time, I had calmed down at the thought of being bungled off somewhere when I didn’t want to go, and it did sound quite attractive as the story unfolded. They’ve thought of everything and there’s everything your heart could wish for. They’ve even got a drive-in room where you can park and charge up your electric scooter. Mmm I thought, that’s handy to know for when I am totally incapable. Derek obviously thinks we’re going to have a his and hers electric scooter. Can you just imagine it, us two trying to out race each other on the pavements, the mind boggles.

Dining Room at Links View
Dining Room at Links View

I was taken on a guided tour via the photographs they had taken and it does look appealing. With a hairdressers, meals prepared and a dining room like a luxury hotel, a room for this and a room for that and all spotlessly clean he said, which is important to us. The chef was busy cooking salmon fillets when they went into the kitchen.

Oh my goodness, I sound as though I’m being sold the idea when I’m not going to budge, how disappointed will Derek be! I must say the rooms do look very nice and a lot of them looking out onto the golf course, what more could you want. The trouble with that is I’m not into golf so that wouldn’t encourage me to go, although Jane said the views were stunning and they got to walk on the hallowed ground of the golf course and went in the clubhouse. Kevin was green with envy!!

All in all, I got the distinct impression that they were mightily impressed. All I’ve got to do now is to convince him that I am hopefully a long way off from needing sheltered accommodation, no matter how wonderful it is. Although when he told me that one of the flats were for sale, I did hold my head in my hands and sighed a big sigh!

Assistance with the heating

On a slightly different tack, our boiler decided it wasn’t happy the other day so we had to have the gas board out. It was losing water somewhere and kept going off when the pressure dropped. So Inspector Clouseau (that’s me) did a bit of detective work and saw that the overflow to the outside was dripping at a steady rate. Mmmmm I thought, that shouldn’t be like that and as I am plumbers mate for our Kevin, I told him what I had found like a good detective. He came outside and had a look and told me I was wonderful for finding that as no else had a clue where the water was going and how. Apparently Jane had seen it some time ago and just thought it was normal, what next, water running out of a pipe isn’t good as I thought anyone would know but not my dear daughter. (Jane: To be fair the boiler was on and it was freezing outside so I thought it was just condensation. If it was it should have been dripping from the vent though, not the overflow, duh) We had to keep filling the boiler up to get the water to come on, so it was a relief to be able to get someone out to put it right.

Phantom Boiler Keeper Strikes Again!

Talking of heating and how glad I am that I can afford to keep the house warm, we have to laugh, at Jane’s expense.

To start with I must tell you that she is like the phantom boiler keeper and keeps turning the boiler off at the central heating when she feels too hot. It can be irritating when you’re sitting in the living room with icicles dripping off your nose. I keep saying ‘has she been at it again’ as she is like her dad and does things quietly when nobody is looking!

So the other day she turned the heating off yet again and when I asked her if she’d been at it again she said that it wasn’t cold in the house. Derek immediately asked her which house was she in because from where we lived it was cold. We shouted downstairs to tell Kevin to put the heating on, so in the hope of warming up we sat there, waiting for the radiant glow!

Upstairs came Kevin and when I asked if he’d put the heating on he said ‘was I supposed to’ so off he went back downstairs to turn the boiler on. Back up he came and told us that he had forgotten to get his sweatshirt from downstairs which is why he went down in the first place. There we were laughing our heads off at him as he would lose his head if it wasn’t fastened on!

A favourite trick of Jane’s is to turn the heating off when she goes out, leaving us to wait until our noses are bright red before we realise that the coldness of the house isn’t due to supernatural forces, but to our daughter who has appointed herself to be the keeper of the heat in our house. What can you say!!! (Jane: I’m saving money and being environmentally friendly. Put a sweater on!)


It’s starting to cool down in the sitting room, I wonder if the phantom boiler turner upper and downer has been at it again!

For those of you who don’t know, we live upstairs to enjoy the view and don’t keep running up to the bedrooms, I thought it would be best to explain because if you don’t know, it must be confusing especially when I talk of going downstairs to the bedrooms. It’s an upside down house, pretty much like our family is, I would say!

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