What's Next for Stanley Park Lake?

What's Next for Stanley Park Lake?

I see that a rethink is underway about what’s next for Stanley Park Lake. Wow, residents are being asked to say what kind of water sports they like the best as part of a £27,000 study into the future of it. Wow again, I could do the same report for a fraction of the cost, we joke in our house that ‘consultants’ borrow your watch to tell the time!

Blackpool Council has got a grant from the governments Coastal Communities fund. Part of the funding is to pay for ecological research into algae and silt which has affected the lake, to discover how best to manage it without affecting the wild life. The rest of the cash will be used to develop water sports such as windsurfing. Oh my goodness, I don’t quite see me as a windsurfer, my mind boggles as I cling on desperately to my kite.

Windsurfers and Kitesurfing

We watch them windsurfing on the beach in front of us. They look nice though, with all the brightly coloured kites darting up and down in front of us.

Windsurfing at Rossall Beach
Windsurfing at Rossall Beach

We get a lot of kitesurfers too and it’s a wonder they don’t pull their arms out of their sockets the speed they go at when it’s really windy!  They don’t half go fast and when they go sailing out of the water into the sky doing acrobatics it’s amazing.

Kitesurfing at Cleveleys
Kitesurfing at Cleveleys

I don’t quite see that they will do that on the lake or they could possibly give people a heart attack as they flew through the air. Not only that, the sports could be linked to the high ropes project which I must confess I’ve never heard of, to help people who want to join in the water sports to get more from their outdoor adventures. That lets me out again, climbing and windsurfing and all the rest are a bit much for my ancient body, so I’ll pass on that!

What’s Next for Stanley Park Lake?

Also, there could be open water swimming as part of a future triathlon, the sport has become more popular apparently. I would probably drop dead if I did that and I’d need my water wings on too. Can you just imagine the sight of yours truly in her Victorian costume (well who wants to see my saggy body) with my trusty water wings on, swimming for victory. No, I can’t either, but anyway, the council have been asking on Facebook what the public would like to see on the lake.

Personally I could just manage a leisurely boat ride with someone who knows how to use a pair of oars. When we were on our honeymoon in Scarborough, we went to Peasholme Park and went in a boat on their lake. That was when I learned that hubby  hadn’t got a clue how to row. There I was, wound up to the top of the tree, opposite him in a rowing boat that was very near to the surface of the water. I was yelling my head off while telling him not to sink us. He gave me a tour of the lake that was never to be forgotten. How we got back to dry land I’ll never know, but never again!

With activities like windsurfing and sailing going on in the lake, I don’t think there’ll be much chance of me and hubby going on a rowing boat. We’d probably get our oars knotted up with the activities going on there, and no thank you anyway, I don’t think I could ever get in a small boat propelled by oars ever again.

Have you been to Stanley Park lately?

Did you know that the park is a Grade 2 listed park? I didn’t. The land was originally purchased in 1929 as part of an effort to control and plan the expansion of Blackpool. Thomas Mawson and sons designed it in 1922 to extend facilities for visitors to the town and to link it in with activities there. It seems a bit far away from the town centre to link it in to me but there you go, that was the idea.

The park was then opened in 1926 and has 104 acres with an Art Deco style café (I never did like art deco myself, but a lot do). The café was designed in 1937 by CJ Robinson to act as a focal point to the park. There’s a lot more about Stanley Park today and it’s past history here.

So there you have it, what will we end up with, nobody knows. It’s a beautiful park and very popular so we’ll have to just wait and see, won’t we.

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