What's in store for Central Car Park?

What's in store for Central Car Park?

In today’s blog, a bit of chatter first about the heatwave, then onto the intriguing subject of what’s in store for Central car park in Blackpool.

How are you all coping with the heat, my but it’s scorching here on the seafront. We’ve seen more people swimming in front of us, somebody with more energy than me I suspect! I’ve had all the windows open in the living room with the blinds on them closed to keep the dogs cool, after all, they are number one in our house, only joking (no I’m not). But there is a nice breeze blowing through, thank goodness.

What's in Store for Central Car Park
Sandcastles and a heatwave

My mum used to suffer terribly when it was hot as she was an asthmatic with chronic bronchitis. Oxygen gets sucked out of the air with the heat, making it difficult for people who have chest problems to breathe. Kevin and Derek had a trip out to Pilling yesterday morning to do some photography for a client and came back with very red faces I might tell you from the heat!

What’s in Store for Central Car Park?

Have you seen that Blackpool Council is almost ready to complete agreements to develop the Central car park (formerly the Station) site in Blackpool as a new leisure destination for the resort?

It’s been on the cards for quite some time and at last it looks as though things are starting to move.

Investors met the council bosses last month to set out proposals for the site which is now called ‘The Central Leisure Quarter’. It seems there are going to be new ‘world class’ attractions, some of which will be the first in the UK, ooh aren’t we clever!

As the meeting went well and plans and contracts are set to be drafted for the scheme which has been shelved from 2016 it looks like it’s going to be good, let’s hope so!

Of course the car park will be in the way so the developers have said they will replace the lost car parking within the town centre (not sure where though unless there is a lump of land or something that nobody knows about). The real hope is that it will bring in lots of visitors from outside the area, along with residents, and not forgetting new jobs which will be created.

With the police station that is currently on that land moving to the new building at Marton in July, contracts are now going to be sorted out (never a quick job in my experience) ready for the council to scrutinise them, and the legalities of course, before the next stage.

What is going to be on the site seems to be a closely kept secret. As it is such a big area I hope they will provide something for everyone of all age groups, time will tell.

Tidy up required for What’s in Store for Central Car Park

I just hope that in time the council and police will sort out the problems that Blackpool is having with drugs before a lovely new entertainment facility is built, if you saw the headline on the front of the Gazette yesterday ‘drug gangs target resort’.

As I’ve said not a long while ago, when we went into town a couple of weeks ago it had rapidly changed, with us seeing a lot of beggars, drunks and druggies, some just zonked out on seats. Now if I was a visitor it would put me off completely.

It was bad enough as a resident, but when you hear that drug gangs from big cities are spreading their tentacles out to target coastal areas and quieter towns then it becomes more and more worrying.  Their own areas in the big cities have reached saturation point so these gangs are targeting vulnerable youngsters, some as young as ten, to push drugs for them!

County Lines

These youngsters are groomed or forced to into working for the drug syndicates, moving and storing drugs and cash between their ‘new market’ city base. It’s also said that that youths also may have been recruited by violence, intimidation, debt bondage or grooming and are then sent to coastal or urban areas to sell drugs, often miles away from where they live. ‘County Lines’ it’s called, apparently.

The trouble is, like a cancer, their web stretches its arms out over all the areas that aren’t already covered by them, but the problem also is that not are they bringing drugs in they are bringing violence to rural and coastal areas, which is not welcome here I say!!!

Don’t just think it is youths from poor homes, it can affect middle class children who are offered trainers and the latest phones. Couriers travel on trains and buses while some rent cars to do their dirty deeds and I’m sure you agree that Blackpool and surrounding areas of the Fylde Coast don’t want them here.

Let’s hope the police can help to stop all this awful criminal activity before it gets any worse.

Parents are told to look out for different behaviour in their children, the police have circulated this list of things to look for:

  • staying out late at night
  • sudden acquisition of money, clothes or mobile phones,
  • persistently going missing from home or school or being found outside the area
  • excessive receipt of texts or phone calls,
  • leaving home
  • a rapid decline of schoolwork,
  • significant changes in well being
  • or evidence of self harming, physical assault or unexplained injuries.

These are all the things that parents or adults should be looking out for, and no doubt many more, but something has to be done to stop this tide of crime and drug peddling before it gets too out of hand. This isn’t just happening in Blackpool, it’s happening all over the country.

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    Great article Chrissie…..I would like to think that the redevelopment planned for “central” will be good for the resort. However I do feel that other issues that you mention need to be addressed and sorted out because a new development as planned will not solve drug / drink abuse, begging and homelessness but will simply add to the issue. I like yourself reside in Cleveleys….I do love a good night out but if it means going into Blackpool then I am very wary which is bad because none of us should feel this way. Some of the “homeless” people begging on the streets can be quite intimidating and offensive……Don’t get me wrong, I am not tarring all with the same brush here….I appreciate that there are many genuine homeless and needy people on our streets but it’s not easy to tell them apart from the rogues who pretend to be in such dilemmas. Unfortunately due to cutbacks I see our country falling further into rack and ruin. In my opinion we have a government that was not voted in and personally I don’t think they have a clue…They are spending so much time on Brexit, trying for a deal….What deal ? The public vote was to leave…..we should leave….no negotiating…..But whilst the government is tied up with all this they are cutting back everywhere which is leaving all areas…even our pleasant and quiet Cleveleys, a paradise for the criminal sector. Such a shame that we have to put up with this scourge. As a resident of Cleveleys who loves where he lives I think we all need to pull together against this criminal influx….It is far too easy for people to turn a blind eye because they feel that naming or reporting or otherwise getting involved will leave them vulnerable to revenge from the criminals….We need to stick together and help each other and make sure our town stays happy and as crime free as possible and is a place that visitors want to come to…..On the other hand, again, my opinion, Blackpool has a very uphill struggle in this respect

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