What Would We Do Without It

What Would We Do Without It

What shall I write about today I wondered, but it didn’t take me long to get my cogs going. I was thinking about one or two hitches with some web work Kevin has been doing for clients that had some hiccups, not our fault I might add. But anyway, there we were talking about the internet when I said again for the millionth time, what would we do without it.

For example a few weeks ago, when Whatsapp was hacked and they were installing spying software onto your gadget without you even knowing, now that wasn’t cricket was it. Imagine what they must have found on some computers!

If the internet goes off for half an hour in our house, it throws everyone into a tizzy. The TV stops, work stops, passing time browsing on the internet stops and Facebook stops. But luckily, being of the shall we say, the older generation, we still know how to do things when the world stops!

How the younger generation carry on when something like that happens I don’t know. Unlike us dinosaurs, they’ve been brought up with computers being like a third hand. It amazes me when you see children who are practically babies sit there with their mini laptops banging away on them as though they were naturally born with one.

What would we do without it

I keep on saying to my lot, what on earth will happen when the world and its electronics comes to a standstill. I personally think it could happen. Not now maybe, but in time further down the line when we have become too dependent on computers and all they offer. Just exactly what would we do without it?

High Streets are moaning because people use the internet to buy things. The thing is, it’s so easy to get things that you want there and then, no matter how big or small you just have to do a bit of typing and away you go. It’s delivered to your door, there’s no trailing about to find shops that might or might not have what you want, no parking fees (that’s if you can find a parking space) and so it goes on and on.

A world of possibility

A mere 7 or so years ago I didn’t know how to turn a computer on, never mind do what I’m doing right now. My friends were all starting to learn how to use one, my family would sit after tea banging away on their laptops, while I sat there twiddling my thumbs and getting madder and madder. Having been on my own in the day, I wanted to catch up on what they’d been doing.

After some months of this and thinking computers were quite terrifying, Jane decided to teach me how to use one, if anything to shut me up. Of course because I didn’t know how to turn one on, the workings and instructions that come up, full of strange language, were a complete mystery. We persevered, and with quite a few bits of exasperation from both sides, I started to get the drift. Slowly, slowly, catchee-monkey, I learnt what all the mystery was about, and from then on there was no stopping me.

I still admit I can’t do anything like all the things that my lot do. It’s their job and they need to know what everything is, but I can get by and I do use the internet to shop with, one of the first things I learned might I tell you! Now, there’s no need to ask Jane to order me something. I use Google to look all kinds of things up and keep up to speed on Facebook. Pinterest is dead handy for finding inspiration for all kinds of things, and so it goes on. I learnt by trial and error and wouldn’t want to be not able to use my phone and laptop now.

What if there is a big bang?

The thing is, going back to the original subject, being of a sort of half a leg in one generation and the other in the new, I can now rely on myself to do things, which I personally am glad of.

If there is a big bang where everything stops the crisis would be terrible. There would be no food in shops, no electricity and all the utilities we use would stop too. I could go on and on and on, the list is endless. Of course everyone would start panicking, then rioting if it carried on. It would be like one of the films we watch, brought to life.

I can still do mental arithmetic along with all the skills that make you think for yourself. I remember how terrible I thought it was that children such as Jane were allowed calculators in classes and in exams, and that’s all those years ago.

Now you just reach for your phone and get your calculator going along with the many other things a phone can do. We’ve already become a world of people who simply can’t live without the internet and all the rest of the stuff that we are so used to. It makes you think doesn’t it!!

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