What We've Been Up To This Week

What We've Been Up To This Week

Hello everyone, I thought I’d better let you know that I’m still here and not emigrated or something daft. I thought we’d had it for holidays until Christmas, so it was a pleasant surprise when Jane informed me that we were having this week off. This is about some of what we’ve been up to this week – can you guess from the photo?

Haven’t we dropped on with lovely weather as well. It usually throws it down when we are off, so maybe it’s so nice because we only knew at the last minute!! It’s been lovely with lots of lovely sunshine most of the week. Are you all saving on your central heating money? It’s great isn’t it. I don’t like the dark nights and mornings though, and next week we will know it is well and truly the end of Summer when the clocks go back, yuk. It would be nice if Winters were cold but we had light nights all Winter as well. I know, I will have to emigrate to get something near to that, but I can hope can’t I.

Lovely Lights and Drawing

On Thursday I had a day in while the others went off doing their various pursuits. Jane went to a ‘do’ at Blackpool that she wanted to go to. It was the rehearsal for the Light Odyssey event with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, which she’s been wanting to see for ages.

Meanwhile, Derek and Kevin went off somewhere with their drawing pads and sketch books to do some drawing. They didn’t know where when they went out, but they would up at Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park.

So, I had a nice peaceful couple of hours of peace and quiet, apart from the dogs who were snoring away by the side of me! As we’ve been on the go all week, I decided I needed some ’home’ time to unwind and get my energy back, ready for the rest of the week!

What we’ve been up to this week – shopping!

On Wednesday, Derek and Kevin decided they wanted to go to the Lakes which Jane and I weren’t bothered about. So they went off for the day, leaving us at home to enjoy the quiet!!

We decided we would have a girly afternoon out in Blackpool to go in all the shops the men get bored by. Much to the dogs’ disgust at not coming with us, off we went to have a bit of retail therapy. There’s nothing like it for giving you a buzz don’t you think, it certainly cheers us up.  Anyway, when we got there it was busy, which surprised us, as last week it was quiet. Then we realised that there were an awful lot of children about with their families so the penny dropped that’s half term for some schools in other places. The sun came out and off we went, enjoying our mouch round the shops.

Have you been in TK Maxx since they updated it? Last week the shop looked as though the walls had closed in as there was obvious work going on behind the walls. The lights seemed dim and the whole shop seemed to have shrunk like mad. This week however, apart from some bits upstairs, it looks more or less finished. There’s a new floor, shelving and it’s generally a nicer shop. We do like going in there and have had some lovely bargains in our time.

Aaah, lovely birdsong…

When we came out we decided to have a sit down and share a sausage roll from Greggs. Jane went and fetched it while I bagged a seat as it was so busy. While she was queueing, as Greggs was also packed out with people, I was watching all the pigeons sunbathing on the buildings opposite when all of a sudden I heard this lovely bird song. Now I see a lot of pigeons around us and had never heard a pigeon being so tuneful and sweet and it did seem to be coming from up there where the pigeons were enjoying the warmth.

Jane came out and I asked her what bird was making that lovely noise. Of course she did her usual Jane laugh (and if you’ve ever heard her when she starts roaring with laughter, it’s not a quiet job, she bellows at the top of her voice) so of course she didn’t hold back when she started laughing at her dear old mum.

Because the bird song was coming from a man dressed as a clown selling goodness knows what but it imitated bird song. I still maintained that it sounded to be coming from where the pigeons were, but as she was just about hysterical and with everyone staring at us, I thought I’d better drop it.

How many dopes?

When the men went off on their day trip, I said ‘don’t bring us anything back’ which is what they usually do. So when they came back, Kevin said to me ‘you know you said don’t bring anything back’ well they had as the dopes had got a parking ticket for parking in a car park and not paying. What a pair, I tell you, they go to pieces without us telling them what to do, so two very red faced men apparently stared at each other and said ‘you didn’t remind me’ at the same time. They had completely and utterly forgotten to get a ticket so had a surprise when they got back to see that on the window!

All was forgiven though as they also brought us some beautiful pencil sets from The Derwent shop, because they’d also been the the Pencil Museum. What can you do with our two, has anybody else out there got a dope for a husband? I bet you have!

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