Waifs and Strays

Waifs and Strays

I’m back with a tale about how we always seem to be a magnet for waifs and strays, although after a week off from my computer I nearly forgot how to get to my blog page! I must be getting old or joking, take your pick! We had a great week off from the daily grind, doing just what we wanted and when we wanted.

There was no rushing to the clock and having to do the things that you do when you’re working full time. Not me I might add, I just try to keep the house ticking over while they work, although I’ve always said that stay at home mums by and large would be able to run an office with no trouble. After all, we have, in my case had a child, been policewoman, doctor, arbitrator, educationalist and many, many more things that we mums have to do. I have always said that running a home with children takes a lot of organising skills and the ability to be able to multi-task while making it look easy-peasy. Our men, and I’m sure this will apply to lots more of the male sex out there, simply cannot do anything more than one thing at a time, and even that they often get wrong!

I juggle a lot of balls in the air in my daily life, doing many things all at once. I’m just used to it, it’s called being organised, which a lot, not all I grant you, aren’t. My two certainly aren’t, if I ask them to, say, watch a pan on the hob top and then get something out of a drawer, the thinking cap goes on and you can see the cogs in their brains wondering what to do if they take their eye off the pan. We have many a laugh in our house when something goes wrong when they are trying to do two or even (heaven forbid) three things at once, Mr. Nobody visits us. He’s always responsible for whatever went wrong! Never mind, they have other qualities to make up for their lack of organising skills bless them.

A Magnet for Waifs and Strays

Last Friday I was upstairs in the living room, we live upside down in our house in case anyone doesn’t know, as it does sound odd to say that you are going upstairs to the living room, don’t you think? Anyway, Kevin and Derek were watching something intently outside on the road. Jane was out at a breakfast meeting while this was going on.

Curiosity overcame me, but I wished it hadn’t, as there in the middle of the road was a seagull, squatted down with what looked to be a broken wing. Being an avid animal lover and not being able to abide anything wrong with whatever animal or bird or ill treatment, I happily get upset. Sounds odd but you know what I mean.

My heart sank, as over the years with Jane being exactly the same, we’ve taken in hedgehogs, budgies, pigeons and goodness knows what that are ill or lost, and all I could think was that I was glad that Jane wasn’t here or she would bring the seagull in too! I do wonder if our house is a magnet for waifs and strays. The previous week we were looking after a racing/homing pigeon who’d lost his way.

Kevin went down like a good Samaritan and picked the gull up and put it in our front garden, as cars were zooming past it, totally oblivious. I know a lot of people don’t like gulls and I won’t get into the like-dislike debate. But to see an injured bird sitting in front of you with car drivers who wouldn’t care if they hit it or not, and having seen other drivers hit gulls in front of our house and relish the job, this wasn’t going to happen to that little one. I know that if any bird has a broken wing the outlook isn’t clever for it as they can’t look after themselves, get food or move away from danger, but getting squashed to a pulp in front of us was too much.

What to do with Waifs and Strays

When Jane came home at lunchtime we had a powwow and decided to take it to our vets. We knew that it would probably be put to sleep, which again was upsetting but a better alternative than getting mashed up, don’t you think.

Kevin got the job of going there so he put it in a cardboard box and off he went. They did say that they would try and save it and being our vet and a good one, I hope they did manage to help the little fellow, although I’ve a feeling that they probably couldn’t. It looked like someone had hit it with a car or something, enough to damage a wing.

Eventually, back came Kevin and what a surprise,  not a nice one I might add. We asked him what had happened to his face as he had blood running down it and was holding a hankie with quite a bit of blood on it. It seems that when he put the bird in its box it rewarded him with a huge peck on his face, on his top lip in a perfect V shape.

I did wonder if it was showing Kevin that he didn’t appreciate being taken to where it was going, although more likely it was in pain and terrified. Poor Kevin does look a bit odd with his scabs above his lips, I bet many a one wondered how he’d got that, especially when he went straight to the chip shop with what looked like a thick lip!

Do you help wildlife?

Have you helped wildlife out in your garden? Do you seem to be a magnet for waifs and strays? Why don’t you leave a comment below and join in the conversation.

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