What the Dickens!

What the Dickens!

On Friday, our coffee morning group went to the Dickens pub opposite the bus station. Our table wanted a change of scenery, so we all met up there on a very rainy Friday morning. We’d already asked if it was OK to descend on them, which was met with a resounding ‘yes’. In we trooped and as the pub wasn’t officially open when we went, it was very quiet. That is until we landed to rouse the dead!

I must say, I’ve never been in the Dickens before and probably wouldn’t have. We knew it was under the management of a new landlord, well not just last month but for a lot longer than that. He’s sorted out ‘the ex clientele’ and made it a smashing pub. I was pleasantly surprised when we went inside and saw how nice it is, it’s a really nice place. The landlord, Paul, is a really welcoming person who couldn’t do enough for us. Nothing was too much trouble.

Jane knew him from when she worked on the Rossall sea wall all that time ago. He was the gate man who always turned her heater on in her cabin to warm it up before she went, wasn’t that nice of him. She says he was always the same then – happy, and doing what he could to help people.

What the Dickens!

Anyway, we got plonked down at a table and started our usual nattering when I decided to pay a visit to the toilet. I asked Paul where it was and didn’t listen properly, so I went down the corridor and promptly walked into the men’s!

I took one look and saw one cubicle and thought that it was odd as there are usually more toilets than one in a ladies. Then I saw these three scooped out ‘sinks’ and made a run for it before anyone came in.

Eventually I went into the right one and how lovely they were too. Spotless, very nicely tiled and the sinks were really nice along with fresh flowers. As I walked in, I thought to myself that there were an awful lot of toilets and I would investigate further. Suddenly, I saw this woman pop up in front of me and nearly died of shock. Then I realised there was a floor to ceiling mirror and there were in fact three toilets not a million and the ‘person’ was me staring back at myself!

Toilet talk

I didn’t know that I could scare myself and have a shock at the sight of myself – well I do now. It just for all the world looked like the room stretched on forever, along with a strange woman who jumped out on me. Phew, I’m glad I haven’t got a twin and I bet my family are glad as well. Anyway, I went into the beautifully clean toilet and then washed my hands in one of those raised sinks that sit on top of a worktop. As it was so clean, I just had to get a bit of toilet paper and wipe my soapy water off. You just have to don’t you, it was a shame to dirty the pristine sinks!

When I told our friends what I’d done they thought it was hysterical I don’t know why!! Even though the toilet area wasn’t as big as I thought it was it was really nice, so if anyone else wants me to do a review of their toilets I’m your woman!

Storm Gareth

On Monday, windy or not, we had a new fence fitted between us and one of our neighbours in the back garden. When it was windy a few weeks ago, two panels blew down with the ferocity of the wind. Having said that I think it was nearly as old as me. Two of the concrete post had snapped leaving the iron rods exposed in them so it wouldn’t have taken much pushing anyway.

Talk about good workers, they toiled non-stop from 8.15am until about 3pm, although there is a long stretch of fence and a bill to match! It’s nice to know that we’re secure again although Kevin did manage to sprag the two panels back up when it did blow down. Maybe he thought that earache from yours truly would be too much to bear, as I nattered on about being open to anyone that fancied a walk in our garden! We had to wait three weeks for them to come and when they emailed to say it was our turn, weather allowing, I thought thank goodness. The rain and wind have done just what they said and, as promised, Storm Gareth arrived last night.

Anyway, that’s one job done and out of the way and just in time!

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