What Are We Coming To

What Are We Coming To

I don’t know, at the moment there seems to be chaos, idiocy and civil unrest everywhere you look. You’ve got to ask yourself ‘what are we coming to’. We have rules for a reason, they enable us all to live side by side without wanting to murder each other. So for today’s mixed bag we’ve got the bus station (again), an internet myth and fake news.

Bus Station

Just a quick word about the bus station, sorry to ramble on. But it’s something dear to the heart of the Community group which was set up to make our town a better place to live in. These kids are hell bent on wrecking it, yet more panels were been ripped off the wall. Some of the kids must have been having spinach for their tea as they are very heavy but it didn’t stop them from taking one. We’ve been in touch with the police and something is ‘being done’ about these kids who are already known to the police (and most of Cleveleys by now) so watch this space.

They must have also decided they didn’t like their pudding the other night as something resembling chocolate mousse was been thrown about the bus station, along with of course taking some more boards down. What will they do now they have all gone I wonder, and their rattles have been thrown out of their prams and nobody picks it up, ahhhh, shame. Not. (The council have taken down what’s left). Anyway, I’ll not go into more details as I don’t want to bore the pants off you, but at over a £1,000 to replace them who pays I wonder, because we’re not! I just think it’s important to let people know what is going on in our town and how destructive some oiks can be.


I’m still having a bit of a rant because when I picked the paper up the other day, I was met by the sight of something that looked like a cross between a Japanese woman come somebody suffering with a very bad thyroid condition (which can make your eyes appear to be popping out).

The Momo Challenge
The Momo Challenge

Intrigued I read the story about who, what and why this has been produced. It seems that the internet has got a ‘phenomenon’ about something called Momo. Now I know I’m long in the tooth and don’t really know what kids can get up to on their phones and computers, but thank goodness I haven’t got children today. Now that would be a phenomenon wouldn’t it. I cringe at the thought. Anyway, there’s been an urban myth that children are being told to take place in depraved ‘challenges’ and Momo threatens them if they tell anyone. By now, big ding-dong alarm bells were ringing in my ears. Who would want to frighten young children to death!

Along with all the other rubbish fake news that circulates online, the story of Momo was that it’s a form of cyberbullying found on Whatsapp, YouTube and Facebook. Allegedly, Momo, whose face was created by a Japanese special effects company, is the head of a woman with black hair and bulging eyes who then goes on to encourage children to do different challenges including self harm and suicide before uploading videos as proof.

Fake News

It had been circulating in the mainstream news last week, and was then outed as being fake news, an urban myth. But is there any wonder that children have ‘issues’ when they are faced with such stupid things – real or not. I’m not old fashioned in my ideas, not altogether, but am I glad I don’t have children or young grandchildren that can be exposed to such rot.

Even though I’m not young I can still remember what it felt like to be a child and how things can impress on young minds and seem very real to them. I’m sure all of us can, but to be faced with fear would have had me going round the bend, as children so easily believe what they have been told. Young minds are very impressionable, my daughter would definitely have believed every word as she always believed what people told her. Luckily she broke her neck to tell me everything that was going on. I just hope your children and grandchildren are developing enough sense to be able to tell what’s real and what’s not.

What we think to Fake News

While I’m on the subject, here at Chrissie Towers we live our life with our feet planted firmly on the ground. We haven’t got much of an imagination between us, we like hard facts and proper information.

No Fake news here
No Fake news here

If you’re a regular reader of Visit Fylde Coast you’ll have worked out by now that we always aim to tell the truth in what we write. We don’t know, and can’t always find out, everything. When we aren’t sure we’ll say so, and ask the audience (as you might say). You can read what we think to Fake News here.

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