What a change in the weather

What a change in the weather

What a change in the weather on Monday, it’s like going from the sublime to the ridiculous isn’t it. From lovely sunshine at the weekend to a freezing cold wind and overcast.

It still didn’t stop the beach cleaners though, as a lot of people (52 in fact) turned up to enjoy the morning and make the beach look spick and span.

We were supposed to be going to The Venue early, at about eleven o’clock, but as usual we got held up before it was time to go for our after-beach-clean-lunch. It was one mad rush, with me doing lots of jobs and seeing to the dogs before we made our hasty way out of the door. Kevin and Derek were working as usual, and as usual I had to drag Kevin away from his desk, not an easy thing to do believe me. Then I got a shock going up the drive when I realised how cold the wind was so we were all glad to get inside The Venue and warm up.

All our lovely friends were there, along with lots of people I didn’t recognise, but when we walked through the door we didn’t have to look hard to find them. The noise coming from everyone, just chatting was a big clue! We had trouble trying to find somewhere to sit so had to wait until a lot of them went after their coffee to be able to be seated.

What a good turn out it must have been for the beach clean looking at the amount of happy faces we saw when we got in, and what a lovely sight it was.

What a rabble!

Eventually we ordered our food but not before a lot of laughing from us noisy lot. When we get together it doesn’t seem to matter where we are we are such a happy bunch. As one of our friends said, that it was lovely looking round our table at all the genuine friends we are that really struck a chord. We are so lucky to have such a lot in common, as some will know real friends sometimes aren’t always to be found!

Note from Jane: apologies, I had taken a number of photos on the beach, and at The Venue, and somehow I have managed to delete them rather than save them from my phone. Which is really annoying 🙁 

We finished our meal, had lots of laughter and chat and went on our ways. Me to do this blog, Jane, Kevin and Derek to the office to work, in spite of the fact that we all felt like falling asleep after all that food!

The dogs were really pleased to see us, but Koko refused to eat his dinner followed closely by Muffin who seems to think that if his brother isn’t eating he’s not. What a pair they are together. Koko’s heart hopefully seems to be more under control, although it’s hit and miss whether he eats or not, the little tinker. They were both snoring their heads off by the side of me while I typed this, so presumably they hadn’t been to sleep while ‘mummy’ was out.

And baby makes four

Great news on St. George’s day that the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to another boy. They won’t forget his birthday in a hurry will they, although as one of our friends pointed out, they won’t be calling him George will they!

It will be interesting to see what they will call their new baby who is totally unaware of the life he has been born into. We were all guessing what the name would be over lunch after the beach clean, and some said James or Henry, what do you think?

He also nearly managed the Queen’s birthday didn’t he, how good would that have been, don’t you think.

St George’s Day slips by…

I always wonder why, talking of the new Royal being born on St. George’s day, that our country doesn’t celebrate the day more than they do. After all, the Irish make a lot of St Patrick’s day both here in Ireland and America yet nobody hardly mentions it do they.

Our friend Jimmy has bought an England flag to put up on our flag post and very good it looks too with one our members saying that it made her feel very patriotic!

He gave us a smaller version which was nice of him, but it’s as though nobody wants to remember our special National day. I wonder why? Maybe someone can tell me.

I’ll finish now as I was suffering from the same sleepy headedness that my other three had got and the snoring dogs, so bye for now, be back soon.

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