A Woman and her Wardrobes

A Woman and her Wardrobes

Today’s blog is all about a woman and her wardrobes… plus a visit to Ride the Lights for our two men.

Have you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend doing just what you wanted to? I think we should have Monday off every week, how about you, wouldn’t it be nice to look forward to a long weekend, although somehow I don’t think that will happen do you! We went out when it was fine and stayed in on Sunday because of the rain, and because Jane is desperate for a rest as she never stops.

A woman and her wardrobes

I took advantage and put my foot down with a firm hand and told myself that I would start sorting my clothes out. This job is long overdue as I keep opening wardrobes and drawers and looking inside then closing them. As I was in a ruthless mood I knew it was time to strike while the iron was hot, so to speak. I left Derek to sort the dogs out and brush them, much to their puzzlement might I add, while I got stuck into wardrobe number one.

I still felt like running for the hills when I looked inside, but I talked firmly to myself and emptied everything onto my bed, which started groaning before I’d finished. Does it sound familiar? I have things from the year dot and things brought here from my life in Yorkshire (and that was 10 years ago), but ruthless I was going to be or else, so off I went.

I did it again though, started looking at jumpers and tops and thought that they were still nice and ‘might come in handy’ like you do. When Jane showed up, she took one look at what I’d put back and went ‘mum you’re not keeping that and that and that are you’ so, shamefaced, I took some things back out to see if I really ‘needed’ them!

Overfilled cupboards and wardrobes

It’s a lot easier when she casts her critical eye over them as she is more ruthless than me. I’m just a sentimental hoarder I’m afraid and don’t like parting with anything. When she’d finished what she was doing she started looking at my ‘stuff’ in my wardrobes with a critical eye!

…and coat hangers with a life of their own

Eventually the pile of empty coat hangers started to drift onto the floor as they slid gracefully from my bed because there were so many of them. Do you find it difficult to keep them together in one spot without getting in a complete muddle? I do. They seem to get the wire hook twisted around each other and just generally drive me daft. Is anyone else like me and likes to keep a few spares for when you need them (that’s an excuse for when you buy some more)? I could scream at them when they start sliding all over the place and get muddled up.

Then there’s the shape and sizes. Jane kept taking the clothes off the ones that have a curve in them as she says they take more room up in your wardrobe than the flat ones. Then there were longer and shorter ones. I donated the wide ones to Derek took for his shirts and the rest went in the bag for the charity shop. Eventually I’d had enough of sorting out and was aching from head to foot so I signed in while Derek made us a well needed cuppa!

It did inspire me to carry on though, so the next morning I tackled some more until lunch time. We went out in the afternoon and now we are in full work swing I haven’t got the time again until the weekend, well that’s my excuse. I just got fed up of trying to get something out of my wardrobe and having a battle with the clothes around me which I’m sure you ladies will know what I mean! It does me good though to do it, as it does make your head a lot less cluttered. Only another million to go! Meanwhile I’ve started going through the kitchen cupboards as well…

Ride the Lights

On Tuesday Derek and Kevin decided to go to Ride the Lights in Blackpool which they usually do, while Jane and I opted for a bath, television on and a relax. It was like getting two kids ready with ‘have you got this, have you got that’ etc as they usually leave something they want. They decided to go to the Houndshill to park the car as it’s like finding a needle in a haystack getting a parking space on the streets.

Kevin taking pics at Ride the Lights
Kevin taking pics at Ride the Lights

As usual they enjoyed the atmosphere there is on these occasions and as they wanted to take photographs, there were plenty of subjects to go at! They got back later on when Jane and I had gone to bed, her to sleep and me to watch TV. Lovely, except when Derek silently came into the bedroom and frightened the life out of me.

I’d not heard the car come down the drive or doors being opened and closed. They tend to be noisy so I expected the usual cacophony and when his head appeared round the door I thought I was going to be got at by a burglar!

After telling him off for creeping about like the Psycho thriller, I was then regaled with all his stories about what had happened and what they had seen etc. Have a look at the photos they took at Ride the Lights.

As a result we had two happy men and two happy women doing just what they wanted, can’t be bad can it!!

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