Trouble at Ride the Lights

Trouble at Ride the Lights

Here I am again, with a bit of local news to start with, about the boy who was in trouble at Ride the Lights.  What a shock everyone must have had who saw that when he went under a tram. It’s horrible that he has critical injuries at the age of just 14.

Did you Ride the Lights?

Apparently he was with his friends on their bikes when he was hit by a tram opposite the Queen’s hotel at South Shore. Before the event started, officials had warned people to be alert to trams that were still running and to take special care around North Pier and the Metropole Hotel. That’s understandable, as it is a busy spot. It’s not as if the trams couldn’t be seen, they are big enough.

But the word is that a lot of kids were playing chicken and riding in front of the trams. Now I’m not saying for one minute that he was one of them, but there is CCTV footage which will make it clear what did happen, to end up with a boy going under a tram. There were about 90 people on board too, which must have been a right shock for them.

Rescue and Investigation

Of course the Rail Accident Prevention Branch have taken up the matter to see what was what. The prom was closed as firefighters, who are specially trained in tram rescue, freed the lad at about 9.50pm.

He was taken by road to the Alder Hey Children’s hospital in Merseyside with multiple fractures. He’d sustained serious pelvic and leg injuries so he’s lucky to be alive really, don’t you think. I wouldn’t like to think I was having an argument with one of those big things, it makes my toes curl thinking about it.

As the tram stopped suddenly, onboard one passenger fell into another like dominoes, so they were also looked at by paramedics but were OK. It would be a shame to stop the trams running at future events I think, as people still need to go about their business using them. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I just hope all goes well for the lad and he makes a good recovery.

Another Tragedy

Still on the subject of tragedies, a brief mention of one here at Rossall Beach yesterday. Someone was pulled out of the sea and taken off in an ambulance. I’m not sure what happened yet, but I’ll tell you more about that in the next installment.

Rescue at Rossall Beach

Little Miss Muffet sat on the Toilet

Changing the subject completely and back on the subject of our house and the things that happen in it.

I don’t know about anyone else but I seem to be having  spider invasion this last two weeks. They really are getting on my nerves I’ve got to say, although Kevin’s spider catching gadget has served me well. It’s like the one in the next pic, there’s hardly a day goes by when I don’t use it. But it doesn’t seem to like scooping the horrors up from a tiled floor so I have to resort to using a cloth – my old fashioned way.

Spider Catcher
Spider Catcher

Anyway, even sitting on the toilet (I know, too much information) but I do seem to get my share of them staring at me while I sit there staring back at them. I try to send hypnotic thoughts to stay there and not move until I can stand up and catch the little blighters. So far I’ve managed to grab every one that ends up staring me out in the bathroom.

As I don’t like killing anything, they get unceremoniously thrown out of the bathroom window while I firmly tell them not to find their way back inside! Lucky for them it’s on the ground floor. I haven’t had an answer from any of them yet so I suppose that means they will be back as soon as they can!

Down came a spider…

The other night I was watching TV in bed with the light off as I usually do. The TV is in the top of the wardrobe, straight across from me, so the bedroom was lit up from the picture. I thought I was seeing things when all of a sudden a black thing appeared between me and the TV. I did wonder if my eyes were funny but when it started moving down hill at a rate of knots I realised it was a spider.

Down came a spider
Down came a spider

Oh no you don’t!

I did wonder how I was going to catch it as it was still pretty high up so I shot out of bed, got my feather duster thingy in one hand and my spider trap in the other and wafted it down onto the floor. I don’t know who moved the quickest, me or the black thing, as it ran across the carpet at 90mph. ‘Oh no you don’t’ I said out aloud as I threw myself at it and trapped it and then dumped it through the bathroom winder with a great big shudder.

They’ve kept dangling from the cupboards over the bed between the wardrobes and the same thing applies. I’m watching TV and suddenly down comes a ‘thing’ about two inches away from my face, scaring the life out of me. It’s not very nice being descended on from above with the spider having the intention of sharing my bed with me. I just have to move quickly and throw the duvet over it to stop it hurtling off. Then I catch it and out it goes. There’s no wonder there’s a lot of spiders outside my bedroom because as fast as I throw them out they get back in. I swear they have a smile on their face as they play at catch22!

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