Traffic Chaos

Traffic Chaos

Kevin went to see a client at South Shore yesterday morning and commented when he came back that he got stuck in traffic due to the prom being closed. I see there have been quite a few people who are feeling frustrated as there are so many roadworks going on at once, causing traffic chaos.

Actually, I think a lot of people are feeling angry rather than anything else due to the different roadworks all happening together, which if you’re a resident gets a much at times, don’t you think. The Town Hall are asking people to be patient as the traffic chaos should ease up a bit by the weekend. That’s easy to say when you aren’t stuck in traffic, like a lot of people. It seems that the work on Devonshire Road is coming to a close, hopefully with improvements by the weekend, so keep on hoping!

Traffic Chaos – all over Blackpool

A lot of people are angry because of the traffic lights that Network Rail have put up on the route causing several delays, well they would be wouldn’t they, it’s enough to make anybody scream long and hard. Blackpool Council have ordered Network Rail to take down their temporary traffic lights and said they should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Of course, then there is the closure on Yeadon Way, Talbot Road and as I said, part of the prom, so there aren’t many happy bunnies out there I think.

A taxi driver said he waited 25 minutes in non-moving traffic while trying to pick up a fare just 200 yards away, there’s no wonder he’s not happy bunny is there. Then the bus driver who took an hour longer than he should have, I’m glad I wasn’t waiting at his bus stops aren’t you!

Devonshire Road – back in action

The taxi drivers are sick of the delays, as you would be if you spent your working days on the roads. Bus drivers are reporting the same, with school children waiting for buses and people trying to get to work. Hopefully by removing the lights on Devonshire Road it will help to get some traffic moving, although of course the rest of the delays are still there.

Yeadon Way is closed until December 3rd for repairs and surveys and parts of highways around Talbot Square will remain closed over Christmas as part of the new tramway works. Blackpool Transport said there were numerous delays on the number seven service. Poor them, it’s so maddening when you are left standing there without knowing when a bus will turn up.

Forthcoming road closures

Talbot Road will be closed from the Strand to Abingdon Street until December 14th and from Abingdon Street to Dickson Road until January 18th. Talbot Square will also be closed until February 28th.

The Promenade will be closed from West Street to Queen’s Square until January 21st and High Street, which is open one way Northbound only between Dickson Road and Talbot Road, until November 28th.

Devonshire Road will have traffic lights until November 18th due to Network Rail, while Leopold Grove between Church Street and Adelaide Street until August 2019 due to the building of the new conference centre. Ballam Road (wherever that is) will be closed until December 10th due to gas line upgrades.

Can’t make an omelette…

So, there you have it. Sorry if I sound like a walking Tourist Information Centre, but I thought locals may like to know when and how they can move about town.

While we all know that things have to be done it’s not much help when you are trying to get to work or even if you want to do some Christmas shopping, to be sitting there for hours in your car in traffic chaos while the clock is ticking its head off. Shops must be browned off too, because when people don’t want to queue in traffic a lot of them will say blow this we’ll shop online!

Luckily, here at Chrissie Towers we don’t have to travel through Blackpool to get to work, although that’s not much help if you do have to. It’s just to be hoped that after Christmas some normality might come back to the roads before motorists get really fed up of all the traffic chaos!!

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